Welcome to warmingthehomeless.com.

We are a grass roots foundation based in North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We are dedicated to providing the homeless with some basic comfort, so that they can survive the cold & wet winter nights and face the new challenges of their day . Many of the homeless choose to remain outdoors and sleep wherever they can find or make shelter. They are our greatest concern. So what started out as an idea has culminated in a “Winter” package.

All donated funds go directly into purchasing “new” products. We feel quite strongly about this as we feel the need to have the homeless feel, know and understand they are worthy of them and not second hand used discardable clothing items.

We select specific items to package in order to fill the immediate needs of homeless during the winter months.

Many of those who receive a “winter” package comment on that fact that the items are new. For many, the socks are something they haven’t worn in years.

We have lots of work ahead of us and time is of the essence. Please check in on our progress and feel free to contact us.

Help us warm the hands & hearts of the homeless.

❤️Sahar and Randy.

                                                            Women & Men’s “Winter” packages.

“Winter” packages contains the following items;

  • knitted wool tuque.
  • knitted wool socks.
  • gloves.
  • vinyl rain poncho.
  • hand warmer packets
  • candy cane.
  • tea/coffee packets.

When Sahar had noticed an increasing number of homeless women, we decided to create a winter package specifically tailored for them. Our women’s packages includes all the items found in the men’s package but styled for women. We added feminine hygiene products, hand and/or facial cream, shampoo and/or conditioner and/or soap.

•Special thanks to Susan S. for donating hand, & facial creams, shampoo & conditioner and soap.

Special thanks to Peri M. for donating tea & coffee packets.


Please donate only what you can afford.

❤️Sahar and Randy.