Randy & Sahar. (North Shore News Dec 23, 2017)

Welcome to warmingthehomeless.com.

We are the founding members of this grass roots organization based in North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We are dedicated to providing the homeless with some basic comfort during the cold & wet winter nights. Many of the displaced choose to remain outdoors and sleep wherever they can find or make shelter. They are our greatest concern.

What started out as a conversation has ultimately culminated into providing “Winter” packages to those less fortunate, our name “warmingthehomeless” and the most wonderful adventure we could ever have imagined.

In the Beginning.

November 22, 2014 was an extremely cold, wet night. Sahar and I were seated in our living room. Sahar commented to me that she felt the need to do something. Paying it forward. Something for the homeless. Sahar reminisced about the homeless coming into Lion’s Gate Hospital when it was cold outside. They were looking for a place to get warm. Sahar lamented, “we’re not doing enough! We need to do something”

I could see that she was quite passionate about this so I asked her, “what that would be. “Sahar said it was getting colder out and that we should buy gloves for the homeless.

I commented that if we were going to buy gloves, why don’t we buy toques as well! Sahar immediately added, “and socks!”

I said, “we should add candy canes because it’s close to Christmas.” “After all, Christmas is about giving.”

Sahar jumped to her feet and exclaimed, “Lets go!”

Comfortably seated on the floor and seriously resisting leaving a cozy warm apartment, I quietly asked like a hesitant husband not wanting to move, “where?”

Sahar declared, “We’re going shopping!”

In that particular moment the concept of our “winter package” was born and warmingthehomeless.com was realized.
And so did our journey of meeting those less fortunate on the streets, began.

Join us on this wonderful journey where we met those less fortunate, on the streets, to provide them a few creature comforts that most of us take for granted.

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We would love to hear from you.
❤️Sahar and Randy.

 Women & Men’s “Winter” packages.

Men’s & Women’s packages.

Each Winter package contains “NEW” items;

  • knitted wool toque.
  • knitted wool socks.
  • gloves.
  • vinyl rain poncho.
  • hand warmer packets
  • tea/coffee/hot chocolate packets.
    • Women’s packages include hand &/or facial cream, shampoo &/or conditioner and/or soap as well as feminine hygiene products.

•Special thanks to Susan S. & Carolyn M. for donating and supporting women with hand & facial creams, shampoos & conditioners and hand soaps.

“No one wants to be cold, hungry, scared & homeless.”

We appreciate your support.
❤️Sahar and Randy.