Our Mission: To provide the homeless a fighting chance to survive the cold, damp fall and winter nights. To personally meet the homeless on the streets where they live and to let them know they are not forgotten nor alone. To let them know that people still care enough to provide them with some basic comforts that many of us have taken for granted. To place a “winter” care package in the hands of every homeless person.

Our Motto: “We are not here to judge. We are only here to help.”

Our Passion: To let the homeless know we truly care about them, we fill our “Winter” care packages with only new items.

Our Promise: All the funds donated to warmingthehomeless.com directly purchases new toques, new gloves, new socks, new rain ponchos, new hand warmers and new ziplock bags as well as Coffee packet, Tea bags & Hot Chocolate packet that fill our “Winter” care packages.

At our own personal time and expense, we drive to various locations throughout the lower mainland to purchase the particular items we believe fulfils Our mission, Our Promise and the needs of those displaced individuals braving the elements.

We personally build each and every care package.

Their Future needs your assistance! Each package costs just $11.00. In order to grow this cause, we need your support to warm the hands and hearts of as many unattached residents as possible.

“No one chooses to be hungry, cold, scared and homeless”.

We need your support to warm the homeless this winter.
Donate now!
💕Sahar & Randy.
Thank You for your faith & trust in us!

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 6.46.10 AM
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