Join us on this wonderful journey, where we take to the streets to meet those less fortunate.

If anything you’ve read below moves you, then help us move them!

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(Their stories & photos were provided and published with their consent).

January 9, 2020 8:17 pm – Hitting the streets before the snow flies!

The following people are those we met tonight.

When Sahar heard that the forecast was snow she said to me, after work tomorrow we’re going to hand out packages. So the following day after work and after Sahar’s workout I was ready. She quickly changed, we packed up the car and hit the streets.

We arrived in Vancouver and hit Hastings street. It didn’t take long before we saw Billy.

2020.01.09 8.17 PM Billy goat
Billy the “Goat” & Randy

Billy works in construction until he injured his ankle. He said, “they won’t let him back to work so I’m on the streets for now.”

“I don’t do drugs but I do drink beer.”

Sahar and I told Billy about our homeless foundation. Billy was very happy to receive a package.

Remember my name he said, Billy “Goat” and then he bleated like a goat. We all had a good laughed.

We wish you a speedy recovery. Stay warm Billy!
❤️Sahar and Randy.


8:17 pm – The 2nd was the homeless female.

She had stretched a blanket across the entrance way of the building. Behind the blanket was all her worldly possessions, laid out on the steps and the landing

You could have easily missed her as you drove by and we nearly did.2020.01.09 8.35 PM Homeless female.

She was very young, very shy and somewhat scared. When we offered her a package she turned and looked at all her things and politely declined, I have everything I need.

Sahar and I felt so bad for her especially when she was right across the street from a shelter.

As we spoke to her she continually gazed across the street at the entrance way of the shelter as if she was expecting someone.

Be safe, stay warm and we hope the future brings you good, fortune, health and happiness.

❤️❤️❤️Sahar and Randy.

8:46 pm – Home Sweet Home!

As Sahar and I continued we ended up next Oppenheimer Park and spotted someone settling in for the night on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Powell Street. No tent or sleeping bag but a makeshift cot and a shopping cart. He was layered up in clothes and preparing his bed for the night when we approached. We exchanged greetings and after we gave a brief explanation as to our foundation, he was so excited to receive a package that he thanked us many times over.

2020.01.09 8.46 PM Carl Kenneth Baker
Sahar, Carl Kenneth Baker, Randy.

Carl Kenneth Baker is 75 years of age and moved from Ontario to Vancouver in 2006. He loves Vancouver because of the milder temperatures.

Carl told us about his brother and his beautiful wife whom he had a crush on when he was 14. At age 75, Carl said he was heading home to Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

“It’s time I go back home and see my brother. I’m leaving this summer”, Carl said, “I don’t want to die out here alone.”

Although he was appreciative of receiving our winter package, Carl thanked us many more times for stopping and talking with him.

Safe Travels Mr. Baker. We hope you get back home to your brother and family!
❤️Sahar and Randy.

9:24 pm – Jesse was the 4th person we met.

Seated on a plastic crate with a red blanket on his knees,  wearing a thin black hoodie and a black ball cap. He held an empty take out coffee cup in his left hand and rested his head on his right wrist as his fingers held his cigarette.

2020.01.09 9.24 PM Jesse

I asked if he was warm enough when I had approached him. He said he was cold but wanted to get something to eat.

I handed him one of our packages and told him that everything inside of it was new. A puzzled look grew over his face and he remarked, really?

I asked him if he was on the streets, He said, I’m living on Cordova but. He fell silent and his eyes turned away,

I asked him to wear the gloves so that he could warm his hands right away. He said thanks. I really needed tis right now.

Stay warm brother, I replied. He smiled in return. As I walked away I turned around and saw Jesse wearing the gloves.

We hope you’re safe and warm.
❤️Sahar and Randy.

9:36 pm – Adrian.

2020.01.09 9.36 PM Adrian

As we drove along Thurlow Sahar spotted someone seated in a doorway. I had already passed him but managed to get out of traffic and park the car.

As we walked toward his location, he stood up and began walking away. We noticed a significant limp and I also noticed the black case that was on the ground where he was seated.  I quickly gathered it up and called out to him. Adrian was very happy to see his leather case. “I have a lot of important things in there”, he said. After we gave him a winter package, Adrian explained that he hasn’t been feeling good lately and was trying to get back on his feet. “I have a place to stay”, he advised, ” I’m waiting to get better because my friend is holding a job for me.” Adrian thanked me for returning  his property and thanked Sahar and I for thinking about him and people like him.

As we departed, we wished Adrian a safe walk home and a speedy recovery.
❤️Sahar and Randy.

9:45 pm – Jeffrey.

As Sahar and I cruised the side streets searching for those less fortunate, we spotted Jeffrey panhandling outside the Liquor store on Bute near Davie Street.

2020.01.09 9.45 PM Jeffrey
Jeffrey & Randy.

I observed that Jeffrey was pacing back and forth as I approached. I initially thought that maybe he was on something but as I got closer I realized he was just trying to stay warm.

I presented Jeffrey with a package and told him everything was new. When I mentioned the socks, Jeffrey said, I change my socks every two days. It will be nice to have new ones.

2020.01.09 9.45 PM Jeffrey.
my second hug

Jeffrey thank us many times.

It’s not very often that you touch someone’s heart that they would display their emotions to a stranger.

Jeffrey reached out and hugged me. Not once but twice during the our conversation.

This is truly our reward.

An act of human kindness and in return I received an honest heart felt  human reaction and emotional response.

Sahar and I wish Jeffrey all the best. We hope this year you’ll prosper in health and happiness!

As we were leaving Jeffrey was putting in his gloves.

❤️Sahar and Randy.


10:21 pm – Lorraine, Nick, Alex & dog.

After such an emotional interaction, Sahar and I were fuelled to forge on. The temperature was dropping and we still had bunch of packages.

Sahar spotted them sitting in the dark doorway on Davie Street.2020.01.09 10.21 PM Lorraine & Nick, Alex

As we approached we could hear them engrossed in conversation. Amongst the laughter there was music blaring from Nick’s little radio.

Sahar presented Lorraine a women’s package as I presented a men’s package to Nick. Lorraine was astonished that someone would give her these things and she kept thanking Sahar. She clung onto the package the entire time and never set it down.

Nick was very well spoken. He said he’s lived on the streets for the past 14 years and mainly stays on Davie Street. “You can find me here anytime of the day or night. I’m always in this spot”, he added.

Lorraine pointed to the backpack beside her and asked Sahar, “can he have a package too?” Sahar was a little confused as there was no one beside her. Sahar replied, “of course.” Lorraine realized the confusion and added, “oh, he’s walking the dog.”

Just then Alex showed up walking their dog. Sahar explained to Alex what she had brought for him. Alex and Lorraine thanked us both. Nick commented, thank you for stopping by and talking to us. I really appreciate that.

We really appreciated your honesty and the time you, Lorraine and Alex gave to us.
❤️❤️❤️Sahar and Randy.

10:40 pm – Scott. Chief Engineer – Retired.

2020.01.09 10.40 PM Don
Randy & Don.

Sahar and I kept moving. It became more difficult to stand in the cold for such a long periods of time. We felt a sense of urgency to get these packages delivered.

Fully layered in clothing and leaning against the doorway was Don. Originally from Calgary he moved out to Vancouver after he lost everything. He found himself on the streets as there are no Senior shelters available for him.

His blanket was very thin so Sahar grabbed one of the wool blend blankets we purchased for the homeless. 2020.01.09 10.40 PM Don.

As I laid the blanket over Don, he spoke about his past. He was very upset and angry for what the courts had done to him.

“I was the Chief Engineer and I lost my job, my pension and eventually my family.”

“I didn’t expect to spend retirement like this!”

We sat and listened for sometime. We asked Don if we could get him any food or something hot to drink.

He said he would be fine now and thanked us for caring and taking the time to stop and chat with him.

It was our pleasure to meet you Don. Safe journey and we hope this year is your year.
❤️Sahar and Randy.

11:00 pm – Brendon – New in Town.

We saw Brendon standing at the gas station. Holding onto his walker. He was not dressed very well for the weather. He wasn’t standing near the door nor was he panhandling. He quietly stood there and looked around. We pulled into the gas station and when we made eye contact, he smiled.

2020.01.09 11.00 PM Brendon.
Randy & Brendon

I wasn’t sure if he was waiting for someone so I jumped out to speak with him.

Brendon told me that he was released from St. Pauls hospital earlier that day and when he had fallen asleep at the bus stop someone stole all his belongings. “I’m new in town”, he added, “I have to go my friends place but I don’t know where he lives.” I asked his name and Brendon said “I only know his first name. I know that doesn’t help”, he added. “He lives somewhere around here.”

2020.01.09 11.00 PM Brendon..

After I gave Brendon a package I went back to the car to get a blanket. I explained that there are shelter in Vancouver in the downtown core but Brendon says he doesn’t like the shelters as he had many bad experiences.

As I asked him what he was going to do now, I pulled out the toque and placed it on his head. Brendon said he was going to wait until morning so that he can see there area better and maybe recognize a house or street.

I placed the gloves over his hands that were tucked into his jacket sleeves and then wrapped the blanket around him.

I advised Brendon that there are coffee, and hot chocolate packets as well as tea bags and hand warmers. Make sure you have something hot to drink. Brendon smiled as he did when we first saw each other. I’ll be okay now. Thank you.

We hope you find your way and your friend.
❤️Sahar and Randy.

11:07 pm – Scott.

Down to our very last package, we decided to make our way toward home. We didn’t get very far when we saw Scott. He was laying under the lights of the old and abandoned Tire Town store on Hastings Street. 2020.01.09 11.07 PM Scott

Scott was laying in the open area. The overhang above him right at the Employees Entrance.

All his belongings pressed up against the wall and Scott laying against it to protect it. As we drove up Scott raised his head. I asked if he was warm enough? He said I’m good.

2020.01.09 11.07 PM Scott.
Scott & Randy.

I walked over to present him our winter package. Scott was surprised to learn that everything was new. “I sure could use them socks!” he said as I mentioned them. “Oh you have gloves!? I said, you do now. I opened them and helped Scott put them on. Although he was well layered his hands were frosty cold.

When I mentioned the packets of Coffee, Hot chocolate and tea, Scott said, “I haven’t drank hot chocolate since I was a kid!” “Thanks man!”

I said, you’re welcome brother. I asked Scott if he needed anything else. I’m good thanks to you and your wife.

All the best to you Scott.
❤️Sahar and Randy.

December 7, 2019 12:50 am. – It’s a harsh reality!

As Sahar and I were dressing for a Christmas party at the Vancouver Convention Center, she reminded me to pack up a bunch of winter packages. Due to the mild but wet weather we agreed to grab only 10 men’s and 2 women’s packages. It’s always a sobering reminder that the lives we live and the things we take for granted in our daily lives do not mirror in any fashion the lives of those surviving the elements on a daily basis.

As we left the convention Center we immediately observed a makeshift tent directly across the street. A stark contrast to the country and city with such vast economic wealth.
Sahar had already observed a female exit the blue tarp before I returned with a package but movement could still be seen from beneath. Those passing by engrossed in jolly merriment of the Holiday Season didn’t notice nor possibly cared. We noticed.
As we approached Sahar spoke out, Hello? Sorry to bother you. There was silence. Sahar continued, We have something for you. A male’s voice was heard, What is it?

2019.11.06 00.50 AM Ken...
Sahar & Ken.

As Sahar described the package the tarp raised ever so slightly. It was just enough for Ken to see the package and not an inch more. When Sahar asked Ken if he wanted the package, he exclaimed, yes please. Fingers emerged from beneath the raised tarp and grabbed the edge of the package as if not wanting to reveal anymore of himself or let out the heat within the tarp that took so long to generate. Ken thanked Sahar and the package disappeared into the warmth and comfort of his abode. We left a package for the female as well as Ken said she would be back in a few minutes,

We wished Ken a Safe night.
❤️Sahar and Randy

12:58 am. –  A new start!

After leaving Ken in his temporary home, Sahar and I drove to Robson Street. We spotted a male dressed in Jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket. He was to say, under dressed for the cold wet weather.

2019.11.06 00.58 AM Alan
Randy & Alan.

I explained what I had for him and he was quite surprised that someone would hand out new items. I introduced myself and he said his name was Alan. I asked him where home is. Alan said he’s from Albert and had moved to Vancouver 2 years ago. Alan said he really likes it here.

Sahar and I recently added Cup of Soup to the packages. Alan was even more surprised but said he couldn’t wait to try it.

Sahar and I wished Alan a Merry Christmas and said we hoped things work out for him here.

Stay warm, stay safe!
❤️Sahar and Randy

1:05 am. – John

Sahar and I  continued along Robson and spotted someone hidden beneath their sleeping bag. I feel bad having to wake someone up but the temperature was dropping and the damp air will chill you to your core.

As I approached, I started off quietly saying, Hello? and progressively got louder. As soon as I saw movement I quickly said, Sorry to bother you but I have something for you.

2019.11.06 01.04 AM John

I could see that the person inside was trying to unzip  their sleeping bag. A head popped up and I introduced my self and showed John the package. I asked if he could use the items. John nodded his head in affirmation . I asked John if he would take a selfie with me in order to promote our cause and help generate donations. John was more than happy to help and held up the package without any prompting.

2019.11.06 01.05 AM John
Randy & John.




Merry Christmas John. Have a warm and safe night.

❤️Sahar and Randy



1:20 am. –  Safety in numbers.

Sahar and I continued along Robson St. in downtown Vancouver and eventually found ourselves on Denman and Comox St. Huddled into a doorway was a familiar face, Denis (See December 31, 2018 – 7:23 pm) I asked him if he remembered me. Without hesitations Denis said, Yah I met you on Homer St. You gave me on of those packages. I smiled and said, I have another one for you and your friends.

2019.11.06 01.20 AM Denis Derek Dave SaharJPG
Denis, Derek, Dave & Sahar,

Denis was more than happy to tell his friends what was inside. Dave was already into the package. Derek began posing with Denis’s package was well as his own. They were in great spirits and seemed to be getting along. Sahar and I wished them a Merry Christmas and said, be safe. Denis pointing to his left said I have these guys. Derek happily added, I got their backs! And Dave, well, he was gingerly going through his package.

We know you’re safe but stay warm!
❤️❤️❤️Sahar and Randy

1:29 am. – He misses my wife!

Sahar and I turned onto Davie Street and looked into more doorways, parkades and any area that would afford shelter from the rain or wind. We finally came across “Boomer”. It seems each year Sahar and I come across Boomer in the exact same location at Davie Street and Bute. I guess this is home to Boomer. Familiar with all the locals and the locals familiar with him. He is in fact part of the scenery, establishment and more importantly a resident.

I jumped out the vehicle and walked across the street to give Boomer a package. He was seated on a crate holding an umbrella.

2019.11.06 01.29 AM. Boomer
Randy & Boomer.

I didn’t get two words out of my mouth when Boomer said, “where’s your wife?” She always give me these packages. I said, “she’s across the street sitting in the car.” Boomer asked, “can I go see her. I want to thank her and give her a hug. She’s always so friendly to me.” I replied, “of course.”

We walked across the street. Sahar had seen us coming and got out of the car. Boomer, smiled, “there you are. Can I give you a hug.” Sahar smiled and said, “Sure!” “Merry Christmas”, cheered Boomer! “Merry Christmas”, replied Sahar. As Boomer turned around, he thanked me as well. We wished him a safe and warm Christmas.

See you next year Boomer!
❤️Sahar and Randy

1:38 am. – A man of a few words.

As Sahar and I traveled along Davie St. we turned again onto Denman. We noticed someone laying in a sleeping bag that wasn’t there, some 20 minutes earlier. We parked in front and as I approached I said, Hello? There was some stirring beneath the blanket so I repeated my greeting and added, I have something for you.

A voice mumbled beneath the bag. I was unable to hear exactly what he said so I apologized for disturbing his sleep and quickly advised him I had a package filled with new items. I asked him if he wanted the package, to which he clearly replied, please! I asked him his name and he said, Robert.

2019.11.06 01.38 AM Robert

I said, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ll just lean this package up against your backpack. Robert didn’t reply. I asked Robert if I could take picture of the package and him in the sleeping bag. Robert replied, no problem. I thanked Robert again and apologized for disturbing him. Robert did’t reply.

Stay warm Robert!
❤️Sahar and Randy

1:40 am. – Hidden away in the open.

As Sahar and I circled around we traveled toward Georgia Street. We spotted a pile of things laying against the wall at the bottom of the steps on Denman St. and Robson St. at the Safeway. This could easily have been mistaken for someone’s belongings that were left there.

2019.11.06 01.40 AM Chuck

Sahar said to me, do you think there’s someone in there? As I slowly turned  the corner we kept staring at the pile for any movement. I said, I think there is, I’ll go have a look. Not sure if I would meet a female or a male,  I grabbed one package of each. I approached and said hello? There was movement and a voice said, can I help you? I replied that I had something for them. The male’s voices replied, What do you have? I introduced myself and met Chuck. After explaining what was in the package Chuck said, you have socks. New Socks! Oh, thank you! I handed Chuck a Cup of Soup as well as the package. Chuck said, I can’t wait to try this. I could here the package open and wondered if Chuck was putting on his socks.

I wished Chuck a warm and safe night. Chuck wished me a Merry Christmas. In turn I wished him a better New Year!

❤️Sahar and Randy

1:49 am. – Out of the hustle and bustle,

IMG_7847we found someone sleeping. There lay on the concrete landing atop the steps and against a concrete wall, was a blanket. A window shed some of the interior light upon them. The weather was getting colder and damp. There didn’t seem to be a break at all in the upcoming forecast.

2019.11.06 01.49. Allison
Randy & Allison.

Sahar and I slowly approached as we called out our friendly Hello? Sahar said, We’re sorry to bother you? From the light weight  blanket the rose. She had no toque on or gloves. We could see that the blanket as light in weight. As I knelt beside her I explained what we have and that everything in the package was new and donated by individuals who believe in our cause.

Sahar looked at her and immediately knew that the blanket was not sufficient enough to keep her warm. Sahar said, I’ll be right back and returned with one of the wool blend blankets that we had purchased for the homeless.

Sahar wrapped the blanket around her. She smiled and wrapped it about her neck and thanked us both. We introduced ourselves and asked , Allison if we could have a picture with her to help generate more public awareness to the homeless issue as well as assisting in generating more donations in order to keep building these packages. Allison was interested but hesitant. So we worked out the photos you see here.

Safe journey Allison.
❤️Sahar and Randy

1:54 am. – The right stuff!

After leaving Allison, hopefully warmer, Sahar and I didn’t get far when we spotted another person laying on the sidewalk with their back against the wall. He had signs on the ground near him.

2019.12.06 01.54 Dylon

He was laying near the 7-Eleven which s a great place to panhandle as you don’t have go far to get any food or something warm to drink.

His sign says it all. “Any help makes a world of difference.”

Sahar and I approached him and introduced ourselves. He said his name is Dylon and that he had been on the street for 7 years.

2019.12.06 01.55 AM Dylon

Once we handed Dylon the package he immediately placed the hand warmers inside his gloves and put the gloves on right away. Dylon thanked us. We knew that he was cold and his actions reinforced our commitment to continue our quest to help warm the homeless.

Merry Christmas Dylon!
❤️Sahar and Randy

November 22, 2019 5:14 pm – It’s all about the ‘base’.

Sahar was running errands around town when she again spotted a male moving things around in his shopping cart in front of McDonalds on 21st Street and Lonsdale Avenue. He was speaking to a women who was as Sahar describes her, very well put together. Sahar slowly approached and politely interrupted, Hey, I got something for you. You want to walk me to my car? The lady said, that’s nice of her and prompted him to go. Sahar introduced herself, Hi, I’m Sahar. He said, hi I’m Wayne and they shook hands. Sahar said, I have a package for you and explained what our charity was about. As Sahar detailed the contents of the package and mentioned socks,  Wayne interrupted and sighed, you have no idea how good these socks will be tonight. Sahar asked him if he needed a blanket to which Wayne replied, no I have a sleeping bag. Sahar gave Wayne a McDonalds coffee card and a couple of McDonalds Monopoly game boards that Wayne could redeem for food. (Both of theses items were donated to warmingthehomeless). 92EB719D-33C1-4212-B407-14653EB66DC9Wayne kept thanking Sahar for the package and especially the socks.

Sahar mentioned that inside the package there is packets of coffee, hot chocolate and a couple of tea bags. All you need is hot water. Wayne said, that’s good because McDonalds always gives me hot water.

As they walked back toward McDonalds, Sahar advised Wayne that if he knew of anyone that needed a package that they could go to the detachment and ask for one. Wayne smiled and said that, I’m well known by the police to which Sahar replied, oh how so? Wayne continued and said, they keep stopping me and ask me for my name to see if I give them a different name. SO I keep giving them the same name cuz I have nothing to hide. I’m not doing anything wrong. Sahar and Wayne starting laughing. When they met up with the woman who was waiting for him Wayne immediately began telling her what was inside the package. Wayne thanked Sahar as did the woman. Sahar mentioned to Wayne, make sure you use everything as she gestured to the winter package. As Sahar departed, Wayne replied, for sure!

Stay warm & safe, Wayne!
❤️Sahar and Randy

November 16, 2019 – 4:42 pm –  Weekend chores led Sahar outside to place the recycling into their respective bins when she noticed an elderly man slowly walking along the alley. He hesitantly raised his hand as to say hello and Sahar smiled, waved back to acknowledge him and said, Hello. Initially Sahar was unsure if he was actually homeless but decided to engage him in conversation. Once he approached and began to converse with him she realized that in fact he was. He had a thick accent and was a little hard to understand.

Sahar & Waltar

Waltar arrived in Canada in 1966 from Germany. Sahar mentioned to Waltar that she had something for him and if he wouldn’t mind waiting. It was obvious that he was there to see what he could take from the recyclables to the bottle depot. When Sahar returned Waltar was patiently waiting. As Sahar began to explain what she had for him, Waltar shook his head and said, no, no, no. Confused, Sahar asked him if he wanted the package. Waltar placed his hand on Sahar’s shoulder and said, I can’t believe how generous you are! Yes of course I’ll take it. Sahar said that Waltar had thanked her so many times that she lost count but he was genuinely appreciative of the gift. Waltar said he could really use the it. Waltar asked, where Sahar was from and  from there they conversed about world events.

Sahar asked Waltar if it was okay to take a picture with him. Waltar said, of course. Sahar mentioned that she had to get back and said, thank you Walter. Walter smiled and replied, thank you, and then paused. Sahar replied, Sahar. Waltar smiled and continued, thank you Sahar!

Safe travels Walter.
❤️Sahar and Randy

November 8, 2019 – 3:55 pm – Sahar and I decided we needed more stock for the homeless. We went over to the dollar store on Marine Drive. As we pulled into the parking lot, there was Patrick. 2019.11.08 3.55 PM Patrick

He wasn’t dressed for the cold weather. A toque, hoodie, jacket, track pants, sport socks and slippers. Thankfully the weather has been mild but still cold enough for those who must endure their entire time outdoors.

Sahar handed Patrick one of our winter packages. He was really surprised to learn that everything was new.

We wish we had shoes for you, Sahar said. Patrick replied, that’s, okay. I left my shoes at the shelter. I’m not allowed back right now, but I’ll go get them.

Patrick thanks Sahar for the package and we thanked Patrick for the photo opportunity.

Best of luck!
❤️Sahar & Randy

October 26, 2019 – 8:53 pm – Sahar and I had finished dining with our close friends. It was a little cool out. Before we left for dinner Sahar suggested that we should put some winter packages into my car. It was a good thing she did because on our way home I stopped in for gas at the Petro Canada gas station located at Capilano Road and Marine Drive and we noticed “Scott”.

Sahar & Scott

Sahar quickly scrambled out of the car to show Scott what she had for him. Sahar described the contents of the package to Scott and he exclaimed, wow! Scott advised Sahar that although he had everything he needed, he would take one. Sahar placed the package in his hands and said please use it. Scott was last seen smiling and slowly walking east bound in the parking lot toward the car wash.

Stay warm Scott.
❤️Sahar and Randy



October 17, 2019 – 7:27 pm – “Look familiar?”. Sahar and I have been extremely busy in our personal lives since our last post. While I was busy with renovations Sahar had ran out to grab some groceries. On her way back Sahar spotted a female in the alley near 20th Street. Sahar turned around and caught up to her near 21street pushing a shopping cart. She was layered in clothing and was walking through the alleys to see if anyone had dropped some money. Sahar had asked her if she had anywhere to stay. She said yes. Sahar said I see that you’re not wearing any gloves. Would you like a pair of gloves. The woman replied, Oh yes! Please! Sahar gave her a female winter package and explained to her about warmingthehomeless. Before Sahar could inquire about taking a photo with her she smiled and said, yes, yes you can take a picture. She continued to tell Sahar that her and her boyfriend had broken up and that Sahar and I had given them packages and blankets last year in front of Save-On Foods at Cap Square. (December 26, 2018).

Sahar & Deanne

Sahar remembered Deanne from last year and asked her if she needed a blanket. Deanne was so excited to receive one. Sahar snapped a picture with Deanne and then asked if she wanted a free coffee card. Deanne became more excited. With a smile and a handshake, they parted.

Stay warm & be safe.
❤️Sahar and Randy





February 2, 2019 – 2:38 pm – Sahar was at Capilano Mall going for her physiotherapy appointment and parked near “Go Bananas”. As she walked to the entrance a young male in his early twenties was seated on his skateboard near the entrance with a cardboard sign in his hands.

Sahar and the male made eye contact which made him smile. Sahar said, hi and asked him how long he was going to be there for? He said all long as they don’t kick me out. So Sahar decided to return to her car and grab a package just in case he wasn’t there when she returned. Sahar described the contents of the package. As she handed the package to him, Sahar introduced herself and asked his name. He hesitated and reluctantly said, Stephen. Holding the package near to him, he said, “socks? Sock are always needed”. Sahar told him they were brand new to which he looked up at Sahar and smiled.

Sahar sat down beside Stephen and asked where was he staying. He replied he was staying with a couple of friends and that he wouldn’t be there if he had other choices. Sahar mentioned that she had an appointment and once she was done and if he was still there, would he like something to eat? Stephen exuberantly replied , yes please! Stephen added, it would be nice if it had some meat in it. When Sahar returned she told Stephen that she chose for him and provided him a Mama burger combo. Stephen looked at Sahar in a thankful expression. Sahar said, use what’s in the package. It’s going to get really cold out. As Stephen said thanks, they bumped fists as Sahar said, be safe.

Safe travel young Stephen.
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

January 26, 2019 – 6:34 pm – Sahar and I took a quick jaunt to Walmart at Capilano Mall to pick up a few things. On our way out toward the parking lot, we saw a male in the exact same place as “Jesse” (December 10 2018 7:23 pm) seated on the concrete with a ball cap on the ground for anyone who wanted to give him change. We actually thought it was Jesse until we got a little closer and then we realized this gentleman was someone new.

A quick stop at the car to drop the groceries and grab a winter package. I said hello and introduced my wife, Sahar and myself. He said, hi my name is Johnny. I explained the package and its contents. Johnny nodded in approval of all the new items. When I mentioned hand warmers and the packets of hot chocolate, coffee and tea bags, Johnny said, that’s cool.

I handed the package to Johnny and asked if he would take picture with me to let our benefactors know. He said, sure. Thanks so much.

Sahar gave Johnny and a McDonald’s coffee card. I shook Johnny’s hand and said, be safe brother. Sahar wished him a safe night.

Johnny replied, I love you guys. We turned back and said, we love you too. We got into our car and as we drove out of the parking lot, we saw Johnny opening the package.

We had placed a smile on Johnny’s face and he put one on ours.
Our love goes out to you!

❤️ Sahar & Randy.

January 25, 2019 5:32 pm – Gentle giant. After the yummilicious meal we strolled back to the car. I quickly stopped off at a corner store at Davie and Thurlow Street. It’s actually on the corner. I grabbed a single cigar and a couple of Financial Retirement Investment Purchases or more commonly known as lottery tickets.

Sahar and I strolled leisurely to our car when, you guessed it, Sahar spotted a man across the street. He appeared homeless so we watched him as he paced back and forth along the street looking down the curb. It was apparent to me that he was looking for cigarettes. I got out and searched my trunk for our winter packages. I managed to find a few.

I grabbed one and hobbled across the street. I approached this man who was taller than me standing on the roadway while I was on the sidewalk. He was wearing a toque, and layered in jackets. I asked him his name and he replied Carlos, but everyone calls me Tom Hanks. I smiled and extended my hand and said, I’m Randy. I explained what I had brought for him. Carlos was very surprised to find that everything inside was new. Really? Wow! New huh? Really! Carlos asked if I had a business card. I said my wife may have one so we crossed the street toward my car. As I asked Sahar for a business card when I noticed that Carlos was smoking one of the cigarette butts he found.

Unfortunately Sahar did not have a business card with her. He asked if we were from a church. Sahar and I said that we were not. Carlos looked surprised and said really. I explained that Sahar and I do this by ourselves.  I explained that we receive donations and that we purchase all the new items in the ziplock. I asked Carlos if he wished to help us and have a picture with us to show that the packages are getting handed out. He smiled and said, yah sure!

After the photograph I thanked Carlos and gave him my cigar.

Carlos was busy looking across the street to where he had left his shopping cart. A Vancouver Police van had stopped by his shopping cart that was located on the other side of the street. We quickly took the picture and said too Carlos, you better go check it out.  With a quick wave good bye Carlos ran across the street.

A 6′ 6″ gentle giant with a great attitude who cleans the three parking lots near Davie & Thurlow.

Safe travels my friend.
💕Sahar & Randy.

January 18, 2019 8:47 pm – I had fractured a small bone in my ankle and torn  tendon. After 2 months the cast is finally off. Learning to walk again is so much fun and apparently entertaining to some. We needed groceries so Sahar asked me if I was okay to join her. This was not the small corner store grocery run but the full out Costco, Walmart (Vancouver and North Vancouver), Produce Stores Vanak & Persia grocery adventure. A full day event with me walking? I’m in and off we went in the pouring rain.

We eventually found ourselves at Walmart in Vancouver where after we parked our car Sahar spotted a young man and his dog squatting near the stairs by the exit doors. There is an overhang that ends above the stairs so he had some protection from the rain.

Thankfully I parked the car far enough away that grabbing a winter package was easy and wet. We approached the young man who was in his twenties. He was layered in clothing and seated on the ground. His dog was curled up beside him. Sahar and I introduced ourselves and I asked his name. Sean, he said. The dog perked up as soon as we arrived and I asked Sean, what’s her name, while petting her. Sean replied, Eris. What a beautiful dog I said. I love her name. Sean replied thanks.

Sean & Eris

I described our foundation and purpose and asked Sean if he would like a package. Sean looked up at me and then Sahar and said thanks. It’s all new huh? I smiled and said yes it is. We truly believe that you are worthy of them and to show we care, our benefactors donate and we buy and build these packages. Sean’s head started nodding up and down while staring down at the package. That’s so cool he said. Thank you, thank them.

I asked Sean if he would like to have a selfie with us in order to help promote our cause. Sean declined and said he didn’t want to be seen or get kicked out. We honoured his wishes, and asked him if we could take a photo on the way out of the parking lot and through our window. Yah no problem. Just don’t get my face. We thanked him for his time and shook his hand. As we went inside, Sahar said, we definitely need to keep doggy treats in the car. I agreed. Thankfully we were grocery shopping.

For me it was worth the small amount of discomfort in my heel, arch and shins to fully understand what priorities face the homeless and those who are not.

Our thoughts and blessing are with you Sean & Eris!
💕Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2018 – 7:46 pm – Sahar and I decided to slowly head towards home. But we would take the long way around. We headed east along Pender. We made it to Hastings where we found Chris. He was squatting near the take out window at Church’s Chicken. He kept looking over at the one-up in hopes that someone might feed him. Initially we were not sure if he was homeless and thought that maybe he was just waiting for his food. Sahar decided to approach him and ask if he needed anything.

Sahar & Chris

Sahar provided Chris a winter package and spoke about our non profit. Chris asked Sahar, Do you actually drive around looking for homeless people to give these packages to? Sahar replied, yes we do. Chris teared up and thanked her for being so kind. Sahar gave Chris a hug and he wished her (and me) a Happy New Year and blessed us both for what we’re doing.

That was a great way to end 2018.

All the best to you Chris !
💕Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2018 – 7:23 pm – After we left Peter we headed onto Homer Street. Sahar and I usually locate a few displaced people in the doorways snuggling in for the night. There was so many people walking around al layered and bundled up that it was difficult to differentiate who was homeless. But thanks to Sahar’s keen eyes she spotted someone lying down along a cold concrete building near Georgia Street.

Denis & Randy

I parked and hobbled across the street where Denis was settling in and introduced myself. I presented him with a winter package. Denis looked at me in amazement and said, not a chance! I mentioned that everything was new because we truly believed if you cared about others you would put up your hard earned money for others. Denis smiled and said that’s mighty righteous of you brother. I spoke to him about our non profit and the work that Sahar and I do and how we raise the donations in order to build these packages. Denis nodded his head and said that unbelievable that just you and your wife to call this.

Denis & Randy

Denis was more than happy to provide a selfie to show that we do met those less fortunate on the streets and provide them with the donations that you give to

Happy New Year Denis! Be Safe and stay warm brother!
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2018 – 7:13 pm – We traveled further east on Davie Street where Sahar spotted Peter. He was seated and had his entire body wrapped up with a blanket. He wore a baseball cap with the hoodie over his head. Peter’s legs were bouncing up and down in order to stay warm. With his boom box blaring, he managed to make a few dollars here and there.


I Stood and spoke with Peter who was in good spirits despite the cold. He was thankful for the package and explained that his socks were so damp that he removed them and tried to dry them out. Peter added, they’ve been damp for over a week now. Peter was so happy to have new socks. He said that will help me stay warmer. I helped him open a hand warmer to get the heat to his hands. As I pulled out the hand warmer Peter had already placed the toque beneath his ball cap.

Peter smiled and wished me a Happy New Year. I returned the wishes and smiled back at him and said, don’t forget to grab some hot water to mix one of the drinks. Peter smiled and waved with a thumbs up.

❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2018 – 7:06 pm – Sahar found ourselves driving along Davie Street reminiscing about Boomer. As we neared the Bute Street there he was leaning up against the big metal box. He was seated and wrapped in his usual blanket. There was a young man standing near him named Ryu.

There are lots of police driving around and prepping for the New Year celebrations and absolutely nowhere to park. So Sahar jumped out and greeted them both while I quickly pulled into the bus stop.

Sahar gave Boomer a package as well as a blanket. Ryu was more than happy to have a toque under his hoodie and gloves on his hands.

Boomer asked Sahar to have me come over but I was parked in the bus stop and didn’t want the extra expense. Boomer called Sahar by name and wished her a Happy New Year.

We wish you the best in this year as well Boomer!
💕Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2018 – 6:35 pm –  Sahar and I had finished dinner and it was no surprise that we decided to drive around and hand out packages. We headed for downtown Vancouver. Along the way we ran into Damien, Jeremy and JJ (Jeremy Jr) his dog just off of Commercial Drive.

Damien & Sahar

As we drove up to Damien and Jeremy, Damien quickly exclaimed, We’re leaving, we’re leaving! As Sahar exited the vehicle she ensured them that it was okay and that we were not here for that purpose. Damien was pretty funny and a tad bit drunk. I showed Damien the package and explained that everything inside was new. Damien responded, new!? You came at such a good time because it’s (expletive) cold! Damien immediately opened the package and put the gloves on. He was really astonished that there was new socks in the package as well. Damien commented, my socks have been wet for the last week and I could really use these now! Sahar asked Damien if he wished to take a photo with her for the website. Damien said, you want me to take a photo with your wife? Sure? I’m just joking. I want you to know that. I’m a joker. You’re not here to murder us are you? Just kidding.

Jeremy spoke to Sahar about his thoughts of suicide. Jeremy wanted Sahar to know that he was good with suicide and would it be bad of him to take JJ with him. Jeremy didn’t want JJ to be all alone and felt that no one would take him. Sahar had a long heartfelt conversation with Jeremy. He said he is good with suicide but wasn’t contemplating actually carrying it out.

Jeremy & JJ

We hope Damien, Jeremy and JJ remain close friends for a longtime.

💕Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2018 – 5:08 pm – Sahar and I were off to Anton’s restaurant for our date night dinner and to welcome the end of a very tough year for us both. We were ready and anxious for 2019 to arrive. As we rolled along from North Vancouver into Burnaby we met Michael who  was standing on the center median panhandling for money. Shaking and shivering as he walked along the cold concrete barrier we rolled up at the red light just as he turned to make another pass at the cars stopped at the red light.


I said a quick hello and told Michael we had something for him. He saw the package and I quickly explained what was inside. Michael said, I sure can use this right now! Not one wanting to impede other drivers, I wished Michael a safe and warm night and a Happy New Year. Michael replied, “Happy New Year to you too brother! Thank you!”

And with that the light turned green! I think it was a sign that Michael would be okay tonight.

❤️ Sahar & Randy.


December 26, 2018 – 3:56 pm – Sahar wasn’t feeling very good last night so she stayed home from work this morning. In the afternoon I dragged her out as we needed to get some groceries and for me being on crutches just added to the frustration of doing chores. We arrived at Save-On foods and Sahar immediately spotted this female pacing near the clothing drop off bin. She was dressed in layers of clothing. As Sahar approached the clothing bins, she approached Sahar asking for food money. Since we don’t carry cash Sahar introduced her to one of our water packages. Deanne was her name and her boyfriend Norm was wandering near by. We provided each of them a winter package and a wool blend blanket. Deanne was surprised to learn that all the items inside were new and that there were feminine hygiene products inside as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate packets.

Randy, Deanne, Norm & Sahar.

Deanne & Norm wander about the city area but make Edgemont Village their home. As we departed we wished each other a Happy and Safe Holiday and went about finishing our shopping. The rain started to fall very hard and I could’t help but worry about Deanne & Norm and prayed that they were dry & warm enough.
Safe travels!
💕 Sahar & Randy!

December 10 2018 7:23 pm –  It was cool out tonight but not what you would expect for this time of year. Sahar & I had gone to Walmart at Capilano Mall to get some more candy canes for our winter packages. We usually park in the parkade but Sahar decided to park outside and as we walked toward Walmart we saw a young man squatting against the wall.


He held a cardboard sign up and had a small backpack beside him. He was wearing track pants and a thin plastic jacket.

Sahar gave me that look and headed back to the car to grab a package for Jesse. I was on the phone with my best friend at the time so I watched as Sahar presented him a “Winter” package. Jesse looks to be in his 20’s and emancipated. He came to the North Shore from Vancouver DTES (Down Town Eastside) hoping to stay at the shelter. They were full so he sleeps in a tent. When Sahar joined me she said, “I promised Jesse a coffee when we return.” As Sahar paid for our items I went to purchase a coffee. As we exited Walmart Jesse walked in and said, “I didn’t want to miss you.” I introduced myself and handed Jesse the coffee that we had promised. He politely thanked the both of us. As we stepped outside Sahar asked Jesse if he wanted a blanket? Jesse smiled and in a very quiet & polite tone he said, “yes please!” We asked Jesse to follow us to the car and we provided him one of the wool blend blankets.

Sahar told me in the car on the way home that the look on Jesse’s face made her feel so sad & sorry for him. She said he has the brightest blue eyes and the face of the saddest child. Jesse walks with a limp and didn’t get into the cause or reason why. He politely thanked us again for the package, the coffee and the blanket in the quietest & most sincerest tone that we have ever heard.

Our thoughts and prayer go with you in your travels. Stay safe & warm.
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 8, 2018 12:46 am. – Sahar was energized and didn’t want to go home but we had one male package left in the car. I suggested we work away back home so we cruised along Marine Drive in North Vancouver but could not locate anyone on the streets. I knew from my patrols that every now and then a homeless person hangs around the 7-11 at 3rd Street & Chesterfield Avenue. Thats where we met “Dutch”, our 9th unattached resident of the evening.


Dutch was extremely grateful for the package and said he could definitely use it. I asked Dutch, “where are you from?? Dutch replied, “I’m from Seattle and flew up to get a bite to eat. Lots of people fly ya know!” I asked Dutch how long he was going to stay in North Vancouver and he replied, “I’m flying back after I’m done” and followed that with a hardy laugh. Dutch stated he suffers from Parkinson’s and that’s the reason why he continually shakes. I suggested the HealthConnections Clinic on 15th Street and Lonsdale Avenue but Dutch informed us that he goes there every week. I commented that the staff at  HealthConnection Clinic are awesome! Dutch agreed and thanked us for the package.

Safe travels Dutch!
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 8, 2018 12:17 am. – On our journey we met one of the “Wiseman” who was also a Philosopher with a background in construction/contracting. You could easily tell that “Gilbert” was a kin to Bob the Builder once you came across his domicile. An area vastly taken up by his worldly possessions. He tinkered here and moved things about there, to make everything just right in order to settle in, for the cold winter’s night.

Robson Street / Denman Street

We introduced ourselves to Gilbert and advised him of our mission. Gilbert thanked Sahar and I fro what we are doing and said, “there needs to be more people like you in this world to make the changes happen.” Gilbert expressed his views and disappointment with the various levels of government on their handling and addressing of social issues.

He told us a tale of his younger years where working hard for the “almighty dollar” would get you ahead. He turned and pointed to his belongings and said, it culminated into this.” “Not every homeless person is on drugs or crazy in the head”, Gilbert added. “Anyone can be homeless tomorrow”. Sahar added that anyone could be homeless with a loss of their  job and I added that I was deployed to the Williams Lake wildfires and many of those that lived in the outlying area had no insurance at all and everything that they owned was in their home which they lost.

Gilbert continued with his stern disapproval of societies view of the homeless as he paced back and forth . Gilbert added, “people are afraid of us living on the streets because they portrayed as filthy, dirty, crazy drug addicts in the movies. They don’t know or even want to understand. Changes will come with newer generations.” Sahar and I couldn’t agree more.

Sahar, “Gilbert” & Randy.

Gilbert wished us a pleasant evening and thanks us for the gift. “There should be ore people like you!” “You’re making a difference and it helps.” Thank you

We thank you Gilbert for feeling comfortable enough with us to express your personal views of those less fortunate such as yourself, who are trying to survive on the streets. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself.

❤️ Sahar & Randy.



December 8, 2018 12:12 am. – We drove along Denman Street when Sahar spotted something tucked into a doorway. Sahar exclaimed, “is there someone under that?!”


I replied, “I’m not sure. Let’s check it out” and then swooped into that alley. We grabbed a winter package and walked up to the doorway. “Hello” Sahar said quietly. “Is there anyone under there. I don’t want to wake them!” With a bit more gusto I bellowed a louder, “HELLO” and with that something stirred beneath the insulation. I quickly added, “sorry to disturb you.” Sahar added, “we have something for you!” The movement became more pronounced and a voice murmured, ” uhh..yah…what.” I took the opportunity to quickly got explain our mission and the winter package we provide. “Cool”, emanated from beneath the pile of white. I asked, would you like a package?” the voice said, “sure.” There was no movement so I asked, “where would you like me to put this?” The cover moved and revealed a young male who smelled of alcohol and covered with insulation. He reached out and took the package and said, “thanks.” I introduced Sahar and myself and asked his name.


“Chris” he replied and we bumped fists. “Thanks man!” I apologized for disturbing his sleep and we wished him a warm and safe night. “Thank you”, Chris said as he covered himself.

We wish you a safe night and sorry for disturbing you.
❤️ Sahar & Randy.




December 7, 2018 11:48 pm. – As we traveled along Denman Street looking for those less fortunate souls staving off the elements we found “Dave” our 6th unattached resident of the night.  Dave doesn’t say much but was very appreciative of what we had brought to him. Thank you Dave for helping us bring greater awareness to the homelessness situation with this photo.


Thanks again Dave. Stay warm!
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 7, 2018 11:48 pm. – “Just came to visit”. As Sahar and I cruised further along Robson Street, we found our 5th unattached resident of the night laying on a piece of cardboard. After our brief introduction he said his name was Billy. When we provided Billy with our winter package he immediately sat up and was surprised that everything was new. Sahar asked Billy if he could use a blanket. Billy tapped his duffle bag and said, I have a blanket and a sleeping bag.


Billy said he was from Saskatchewan. He came out to Vancouver 12 years ago to visit and stayed. I asked Billy, “do you prefer Saskatchewan or Vancouver?” Billy stumbled over the question and finally said, “they’re both so different. I miss the winter snow, the sky at night (aurora borealis). We thanked Billy for the photo and wished him a pleasant and warm night.

Best of luck in Vancouver.
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 7, 2018 11:48 pm. – Sahar and I drove along Robson noticed a young male busking on the site corner. We weren’t sure if he was actually homeless but decided to stop and have a chat with him to see if he needed anything.


Patrick is from Victoria. He wanders the alleys in search for discarded knick knacks that he can sell. Patrick is trying to earn enough money to get back home to Victoria for the winter and Christmas season. We provided Patrick a package and explained that all the items are new. Patrick smiled and said, I could really use those. It’s getting pretty cold out here. We wished Patrick a Merry Christmas and all the luck in his sales . Patrick said, “hanks again for this. It’ll really help.”

Safe travels home Patrick.

❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 7, 2018 11:44 pm. – Sahar and I didn’t have to travel far (next block) to find our 3rd unattached resident of the night who was nestled in another doorway and splayed out on his new sleeping bag. There was a piece of cardboard beneath him and he was wiping his feet when we approached.


Laurie was preparing to snuggle in for the night. He was was in thankful and jovial mood and had good cause to be. “God sent someone to give me a sleeping bag and now he sent you with this. Thank you! Thank you!”.  Laurie’s smile on his face showed his fortune tonight and he said, “I’m just cleaning my feet before I put my new socks on. Thank you!” Sahar and I wished Laurie a safe and warm night and thanked him for his support of warmingthehomeless.

All the best to you Laurie.
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 7, 2018 11:39 pm. – Across the street from Johilee we found “Dale” our 2nd unattached resident of the night, snuggled into his sleeping bag and laying up against the door. As we approached, he awoke. We introduced ourselves and produced a “Winter” package for him. A little smile graced his tired face. We explained that all the items are new. Dale face expressed a look of confusion and then he repeated, “new! Really?” When I mentioned the packets of hand warmers, Dale’s smile grew across his face and his eyes opened wider. With the mention of new socks, Dale began to say, “thank you”. We asked Dale for a photo in support of warmingthehomeless but he declined as he didn’t want a  photo showing his face. Dale was good with us taking a photo of him in his sleeping bag. As Dale snuggled back into his sleeping bag, he thanked us and we thanked him for the photo opportunity and wished him a safe and warm night.


Merry Christmas Dale!
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 7, 2018 11:38 pm. – “Johilee & Storm”. Our 1st unattached resident of the night.  Sahar & I just finished attending a wonderful Christmas gathering in Vancouver’s convention centre. It was a fantastic fun and eventful night with Sahar’s work mates who have become family. We left prepared and dressed for the event as well as the cool night as we had planned to hit the downtown core after the festivities to seek those less fortunate.

“Johilee & Storm”

Johilee and storm arrived in Vancouver about 6 months ago. She was to work as an apprentice but “got jerked around” by the sponsor. She remained in Vancouver as she wanted to explore her opportunities here but cannot afford the living expenses. Johilee said she’s waiting for another opportunity that should be in the next few months. Johilee was very appreciative of the “gift”.

Our hopes and prayers to Johilee and Storm for their future.
💕 Sahar & Randy.

December 6, 2018 4:19 pm. – “On our my home”. Sahar just finished work and spotted Ray crossing Keith Road between the Chevron Gas station and St. Thomas Aquinas with his shopping cart. Sahar was unable to stop but managed to turn around and park. Sahar waved him over and he acknowledged with a slight nod of his head.

Sahar extended her hand and introduced herself. He said, nice to meet you.


My name is Ray. Sahar describes him as very polite and extremely quiet. Sahar explained to Ray about and what we provide. She presented Ray a winter package and he thanked Sahar, many many times. Sahar asked if Ray slept outside in the elements and he replied, that he does. Ray added that he has a tent . He pointed into his shopping cart and said, I have a sleeping bag as well. Sahar offered him a blanket but Ray declined.  I have a warm sleeping bag and I don’t need a blanket Ray said. Ray thanked Sahar again. Sahar shook Ray’s hand and said to him, stay safe and have a good night. Ray replied, you too. Thanks! With that the both of them headed home.

We hope that you are dry, warm and safe.
❤️ Sahar & Randy.

December 1, 2018 8:17 pm. – Our local “Super Hero”. It was cold and dark outside. He walked seemingly unnoticed along a dark busy street as cars passed him by. We caught him out of the corner of our eye and thought we recognized him so we turned our car around. We didn’t realize how cold it was until we stepped out of the car. He was bundled up as we approached him. He immediately stopped not because he sensed any danger. He had stopped to warm his hands. I moved forward to greet him and he responded in kind. I asked him, what’s your name? He replied, my real name or street name? At that moment we realized that we had met before. I replied, Spiderman? He said, yes and we all laughed.

Sahar and I had already provided Spiderman with 2 winter packages on Oct. 19, 2018 at 5:48pm. near McDonalds on Main Street. He wanted one of the packages for his brother. We had asked him, how did you get that name? He replied, when I was younger I could climb fences and walls. No one could catch me, not even the police. Spiderman commented, can’t do that anymore. We all laughed.

So we asked Spiderman if we could have a photo with him in order to generate more donations to keep “warmingthehomeless” alive. Spiderman thought about it for a second and said, yeah what the hell! He held up our winter package as Sahar snuggled in for the selfie.


Spiderman was very appreciative of our cause and was excited to see the hand warmers inside the package. He could said he could use some hand warmers. I said I would look for him again and bring extra hand warmers for him.

It was nice to know that “Spidie” was helping others in his camp stave off the cold.
We wish our local Super Hero a safe and warm night.

❤️ Sahar & Randy.


October 15, 2018 3:35 pm. – Service Call. We were dispatched to a suspicious male who was pacing about without a t-shirt in the parking lot near the Swiss Chalet. I just happened to be in the area and rolled up into the parking lot. I could see a male from across the parking lot who matched the description  no shirt, animated and pacing about).
Once I got close enough to see his face I recognized him immediately.

Sean & Randy

Sean is quite well known to police which means we deal with him on a professional level. Sean was recently released from prison, he finds himself back on the streets and trying to survive. Although it was sunny out, it was still a bit cool. I offered Sean a Winter package. An initial look of disbelief spread across his face but was quickly followed up by the biggest and brightest smile I’ld ever seen on his face. Sean said he was going to try and stay clean and get off the streets.

We wish you the best of luck and pray for your success.
❤️ Sahar & Randy

October 9, 2018 12:31 am. – “Darcy” was huddled up at the Tim Hortons on Marine Drive. He was seated on the concrete with a blanket over his legs and his hoodie over his head. Thankfully Cst. Jeff Slinn remembered the winter packages that I encouraged the officers to hand out. I received a call from Cst. Slinn asking if I had any packages in my patrol car. I carry them in my personal car as well as my patrol car. I met Cst. Slinn and together we provided Darcy with a winter package.

“Darcy”, Cst. Jeff Slinn, Cpl. Randy Wong

I asked if Darcy wished to promote our cause by providing a selfie with us. Darcy said, sure but I don’t want to stand up. Darcy is originally from Saskatchewan and moved here 20 years ago. He’s been homeless for 18-19 years and spent most of his time in Vancouver’s DTES (Downtown East Side). Darcy was grateful for the package and enjoyed is candy cane as we spoke.

Safe travels Darcy!
❤️ Cst. Slinn, Sahar & Randy

October 9, 2018 12:21 am. – I’m working night shifts tonight and had thought to myself earlier in the day, how cold it was. It seemed like yesterday was so much warmer. I put on some long johns and warmer socks. When I arrived at work I put my patrol jacket on and put my body armour over top to give myself an extra layer. While on shift, I heard a couple of officers checking someone near 3rd Street West and Chesterfield Avenue. I decided to roll on by and that’s where I met “Clayton”. I asked him if he was homeless. Clayton was obviously insulted at the questioned and exclaimed, not all people who collect bottles are homeless! He is right! I’ve met many people who collect bottles from residential recycling bins in their personal cars and minivans. I explained to Clayton that I had only asked because my wife and I provide winter packages to those who do not have a home or shelter to go to. Clayton replied, if you are asking if I have a house where I live, I do not! I’m gathering bottles so that I can send the money to my daughter. I asked Clayton to follow me to my patrol car. I presented Clayton with a package and explained the new items. Clayton was really surprised and for the first time during our interaction,  I saw a smile on his face. Clayton declined the request for a photo so I asked if I could take a picture of his cart in order to reveal his hard work of gathering so many bottles. It was the second time I saw Clayton smile. He said sure and thanked me for the gift.


Clayton, we hope you get to see your daughter soon!
❤️Sahar & Randy.

March 17, 2018 11:26 pm. – Sahar and I had just finished a night out with close friends, the Crew as I call them. The restaurant was on Denman Street and we just started to drive home when Sahar commented that it was getting really cold out. So we slowly drove and looked around and saw….Shawn..


Laying underneath his sleeping bag, on a piece of cardboard. The only thing separating him from the cold sidewalk. He was leaning against a concrete wall on Comox Street and Denman Street.

Randy & Shawn.

He was sleeping when I approached. We didn’t want to bother him too much so I gave Shawn a quick explanation of what was inside the package. Shawn was truly happy for the “Gift”. I placed a new wool blend blanket & the winter package in front him. We wished Shawn a warm night and he thanked us for what we do.
Stay warm and safe!
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 25, 2018 9:50 pm. – “Full Circle”. Sahar and I decided to drive along Davie Street and discussed our next location. As we proceeded along Davie Street towards Bute Street, we saw a male leaning against the utility box huddled inside his sleeping bag. He was wearing a rain coat with the hood covering his head. You could only see his eyes peering down the street. His face void of emotion and his body motionless. Sahar grabbed a package and walked across the street to present it to him. Sahar said hello. I have something for you. He asked if Sahar had some water. Sahar found this peculiar as it was so cold out and of all things he could have asked for…it was water.

Sahar & Boomer.

Sahar provided him the package and helped place the blanket around him.

Sahar helping Boomer stay warm.

Sahar then purchased a bottle of water for him.


Sahar gave out our very first “Winter” package to “Boomer”.

Until we meet again,
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 25, 2018 9:40 pm. – We were off again driving around in search of sleeping bags with people in them. We had actually stopped earlier on Robson Street and Bute Street when Sahar saw a makeshift tent covered in snow. She asked, I wonder if there’s someone inside? Sahar went to see if any one was inside but there was no one. We drove towards Davie Street in hopes of finding someone. We didn’t have to wait long as we came upon 4 people sitting against a wall, their sleeping bags laid amongst their belongings. A couple had their tent set up with their dog. They were in the midst of enjoying their “high”. Conrad was seated on a milk crate with his friend Mikhail. Conrad and Mikhail immediately asked Sahar for money. Sahar said, “We don’t have any money but we have something else we brought for you guys.” Mikhail replied, “If you don’t have any money we don’t want anything else.” Sahar and I explained what we had brought them and handed a female and male package to the other couple. Conrad and Mikhail opened their packages and asked us about our charity and how it was funded. Conrad said he was from Manitoba and that it was a different cold out here.

After we explained our charity and how it was funded we asked if either of them would be interested in taking a photo to help promote awareness to the homeless situation. Initially neither of them wanted their photos taken but after learning that Sahar and I were the founders of the charity and did all the work in purchasing and packaging the items as well as distributing the packages, Conrad said, “Well in that case, we’re taking the picture. Even though Mikhail was hesitant, Conrad said, “Dude they’re doing this on their own so we’re going to take the picture to help them out.”

Mikhail, Sahar & Conrad.

We wish all four of them a safe and warm night.
💕Sahar & Randy.

February 25, 2018 9:36 pm. – A quick turn around the block found us on Robson Street. It didn’t take long for Sahar’s excitement to show in spotting another person hunkered in the doorway. His name is Jack. Sahar approached Jack and told him we were not there to bother him. I explained the contents of the package to him and Jack was quite excited about the gloves and the hand warmers. Jack said, “It will definitely come in handy because this year’s colder than last year.” Jack asked what was the name of our charity. We said warming the homeless. Jack replied, “I’ve never heard of that charity before.” We explained that our charity was founded by us and the donations that we receive allows us to purchase all the items we provide to the homeless. Jack thanked us and those who contribute to our cause.

Stay safe Jack.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 25, 2018 9:23 pm.  Off we went driving around all the side streets. It was Friday night and many people were still out and about regardless of the cold and snowy conditions. As we drove along Georgia Street on approach to Burrard Street when Sahar bubbling with excitement, spotted a sleeping bag laying next to a wall. I quickly pulled over and grabbed a package. Sahar said, “I think I know who that is. He looks familiar.” As I approached him his smile gave him away to Sahar. As I said hello and he smiled at me, I turned to Sahar and said, “It’s Willie”! Willie remembered that Sahar & Connor had given him a package (December 31, 2017 09:11 am.). Willie accepted another package and placed it under his sleeping bag. He gave Sahar a wave and wished us a good night and thanked us.

December 31, 2017.
Randy & Willie.













Willie’s great smile and cheerful attitude is genuinely contagious.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 25, 2018 8:57 pm. It was snowing all day which made it very difficult for many people to get around. Sahar had finished work and was already at home when I arrived. I was extremely tired from doing renovations and just wanted to have a warm shower and get some rest. Sahar looked at me as only she can and said, “I know you’re tired but we have to hand out some packages! It’s really cold out there and it’s been snowing all day”. She gets me every time with those eyes!  So we packed up the car and headed out into the snowy night. We decided to head into Vancouver and immediately found Arthur, Jason & Odin just west of Bute Street along Pender Street. We parked as Arthur was leaving and Sahar jumped out and caught his attention while I got out and spoke to Jason. Jason was bedding down for the night. He says he moves around a lot during the day which is why he rolls around his world belongings in his hockey bag. I explained what I had for him. Jason was really impressed that everything was new but more so impressed with the socks. “I could really use those!”

Arthur, Randy & Jason.

Meanwhile after Sahar had explained what she had for him, Arthur request two packages. Arther was heading down to the east side and the second package was for his friend. Sahar obliged and Arthur asked her to add him to Facebook. Apparently Arthur does Native Artwork and has an actual Facebook account which highlights his work. With a quick exchange and a photo, Arthur was off to meet his friend. As he passed Odin, Arthur said, Hey buddy, they have some good stuff for you.

I thanked Jason and he blessed both Sahar and myself for our efforts and especially “caring”.

We moved a few doorways and met Odin, who was settling in for the night. Sahar provided Odin a package after the usual description of items. Odin was just as impressed as Jason with regards to the socks but added, I was trying to get into a shelter so these will come in handy. Especially tonight!”

Odin & Sahar.

We wish Arthur, Jason & Odin a warm and safe night.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 23, 2018 3:38 pm. – Due to the dropping temperatures and heavy snow, Sahar spent sometime today searching for those in need of extra warmth. As Sahar travelled along 3rd Street West just past Hanes Avenue, she spotted a shopping cart over flowing with belongings which was stuck in the snow. A female, named Julian kept waving cars to pass as she attempted to move her worldly belongings along the street.


Sahar pulled infront of her cart as Julian kept waving for her to pass. Sahar asked if she needed assistance to move the cart. Julian replied, No. Sahar advised her that she had something for her and that it was in the trunk of her car. Julian’s curiously stood by and had forgot about waving cars along. Sahar provided Julian a winter package and described what was inside. As soon as Julian heard “gloves” and “toque” it captured her attention. Sahar asked if she needed a blanket. Julian politely declined. Sahar then asked if she had any female friends who may need a winter package. Julian said, No. I’m new here and I don’t talk to many people.

Sahar extended her hand to Julian, but she said her gloves were soaked. Sahar said, That’s okay, and they shook hands. Sahar added, Now you have dry gloves to wear. Julian said, Oh I will. I’m going to go around the corner (to the bottle depot) and change over there.

Sahar wished Julian a safe dry night. Julian thanked Sahar and continued to push and drag her cart along.

Safe journey Julian
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 19, 2018 4:23 pm – Changing your stripes…….. As Sahar on her way home from work when she saw Joe criss crossing the street. Although she lost sight of him, Sahar caught up to him on 15th Street and Mahon Avenue. Sahar asked Joe to come over to the car. Joe politely said, Hi and walked over to the car. Sahar said she had something for him and handed him our winter package and described all the new items contained within.

Joe said he use to be homeless and slept on the streets. Joe said he really appreciated it (the package) and although he was now working, he wanted keep the package.

Sahar asked Joe if he wanted a blanket but Joe politely declined. He advised Sahar that he goes into the parks and grab the blankets people leave behind. Joe added, that he washes them and uses them for himself.

Sahar and Joe chatted about the trials and tribulations in his life and the time he live in Yaletown. Joe added he doesn’t like police much but he mentioned to Sahar that there was this cop who he knew from about ten years ago. “He gave me a job and treated me with respect”. Joe added, “I trimmed the hedges at his house.” Sahar seriously thought that Joe was making this up. They chatted for about half an hour more and Sahar asked Joe if she could take a picture (selfie) to bring awareness to the homeless situation. Joe was more than happy to accommodate for such a “worthy cause.”


When Sahar was leaving, she saw Joe standing there admiring the contents of his package. Sahar slowly drove away and when she looked back, Joe made sure Sahar saw him waving good bye.

Sahar came home and told me of this interesting person that she had met. She described to me, Joe, who use to be homeless. Sahar mentioned that he had lived in Yaletown and was doing quite well before he became homeless. I told Sahar the only person that I know named Joe had come to the old house looking for work. I told Sahar that I gave this Joe guy a job. I said “Honest work for honest pay” and had him trim the hedges along the fence. Sahar fell silent and was extremely shocked when she realized Joe was talking about me. Sahar really liked Joe as he was respectful, polite and honest.I’m glad that Sahar had met Joe. It really warmed my heart to know that Joe was doing well and looked much healthier than before.

We’re glad you turned your life around & finally changed your stripes.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 18, 2018 7:59 pm. – On our way home from dinner we purposely drove through the downtown core of Vancouver. A bustling city with all the varieties of entertainment and countless foodie choices. The background of any urban city centre is displayed on the alley way walls and in the doorways of business who have closed for the evening. As we cruised along Hamilton nearing Robson Street we saw three sleeping bags nestles against the wall of the 7- Eleven. We parked and retrieved a number winter packages from the trunk of the car. I walked across the street, followed by Sahar and our two children. I introduced my self to three sleeping individuals whom quickly poked the heads from beneath their sleeping bags.


Alicia was quite appreciative of the gloves and put them on right away. Robert had told Sahar that he had said earlier in the day, that he wished he had another toque and quickly placed the new one on his head. David was inspecting the package very closely. I explained to David that all the items inside the package was new and the package contained a toque, socks, gloves, poncho, a candy cane and a coffee or tea packet. David said, socks! I’ll definitely wear those and then asked if he could put them on tomorrow? I smiled and replied that he could put them on anytime that suitable for him, now that he had them. David immediate placed the package inside his jacket. Alicia loved the colour of her new gloves. Robert advised Sahar that he doesn’t wear gloves. Sahar asked Robert if he knew anyone that could use them? Robert said he did and would give it to them.

Sahar offered a warm drink to them. David requested a “Triple Triple” as did Robert and Alicia requested a “French Vanilla”. Our daughter, Kyra really wanted to present Alicia her French Vanilla, so she did.

We wished them well and hopefully left them a little warmer of the heart than before.

💕Sahar, Kyra, Connor & Randy.

February 18, 2018 5:30 pm. – It’s Chinese New Years and my mother wanted to gather the family for a Chinese New dinner. Typically a preset menu feast for your party size is a spread of approximately 8 -10 dishes. Dinner was at 5:30 pm in Vancouver and we parking karma was smiling upon us and we parked  across the street from the restaurant. As we stepped out of the car we spotted a male seated on the cold concrete sidewalk. He had his hoodie and a blanket covering his head and his dog had his own small blanket. Our children was with us and we approached him. I introduced my self and he said his name was “Kyra”. My daughter looked at me in amazement when he spelled his name (just pronounced differently). We all had a chuckle. I presented Kyra with the winter package and a blanket. Kyra was grateful and appreciative for the gift and immediately placed the blanket around his best friend. It was obvious that Kyra was cold but he was in good spirits.

During our annual family feast, I couldn’t help but think of “Kyra” sitting outside. I knew that we would have extra food and thought that Kyra would definitely appreciate the gesture even if he didn’t accept it.

As we said our good-byes to my mother, sister and her family we walked out into the biting cold – 4°c temperature. As we walked across the street I looked toward the area where Kyra was seated with his best friend but they had already departed.

Happy Chinese New year “Kyra”! we hope that you and your best friend remain safe and warm throughout this winter.

❤️Sahar, Kyra, Connor, grandma Soo & Randy.

February 17, 2018 – Cst. Selby sent me a text today to tell me about her meeting with “Mitch”. She was on her way to Save-On Foods in Cloverdale at 176 Street / 64th Avenue. As she stepped out of her warm vehicle she noted that the temperature gauge read – 1°c. Being from Winnipeg -1°c should be balmy for February. Not in the lower mainland. The wind cuts through the best of clothing and she was cold before she took 5 steps. Thats when Cst. Selby saw Mitch, curled up in an army green jacket and pants. He asked Cst. Selby if she “had any change to spare and said it’s okay if she didn’t. Much like a hundred people before had said”. Cst. Selby remembered that I had previously said that socks were the first to go. So she asked, How are your socks? Mitch replied if she had any to spare he’d appreciate anything.

Cst. Selby carries a few winter packages in her personal vehicle and so she retrieved one from her car. When she explained what was in the package, Mitch flipped the package around and saw the gloves and his eyes lit up. Mitch opened the bag and when he pulled out the socks he nearly jumped up. “I need these”! ” I’m peeking through”. Cst. Selby asked Mitch, why are you on the streets? While Mitch relayed his story, he pulled off his boots and sock in the biting cold temperatures and put the  new socks on.


Mitch is a trades person who is currently unemployed and had relied on his abusive alcoholic father in law. Mitch found himself on the streets after he lost it on his father in law for yelling at his 3 year old daughter. Although his wife and daughter are in a warm and safe place, Mitch is currently on the streets “surviving”.

We wish to applaud the efforts of Cst. Selby in reaching out to those in need and we truly hope that opportunities & prospects present themselves for Mitch .

❤️Cst. Selby, Sahar & Randy.

January 26, 2018 8:30 pm. – Working another wet and cold night shift can be a bit depressing since most of my nights shifts have been just that. I pulled into Petro Canada gas station on 13th Street and Lonsdale Avenue and there sitting on the cold concrete sidewalk panhandling was a female with dyed white and purple highlighted hair. She’s quite friendly and goes by the name of “Rosie”. I spent a few minutes with her and provided her with a female winter package. The look on Rosie’s face was worth all those night shifts in the rain. She was so appreciative and could not believe what was inside the package. “NEW? Everything’s NEW? REALLY!” When she saw the toque she immediately put it on. It suited her and her personality. Rosie couldn’t stop thanking me and I couldn’t stop smiling.

That night shift wasn’t too bad despite the rain…… the non stop rain.

We wish you well Rosie. Keep smiling!
❤️Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2017 09:30 am. –  It was an extremely cold morning as Sahar and Connor walked along Granville Street towards Dunsmuir Street. They decided to go to Tim Hortons (restaurant) for something warm to drink. At the entrance door a young man name “Chris”, trying to stay warm by sitting  inside his sleeping bag. Sahar stepped forward and asked if she could buy him a coffee or a tea. The young man was somewhat reluctant but then chose a mint tea. Sahar asked if he wanted anything to eat with that. The young man politely requested an apple strudel. Inside they went and Sahar handed the order to Connor and they returned with a mint tea and an apple strudel. The young man was extremely grateful for the warm drink let alone the strudel. Sahar advised him that she had something for him. The young man sharply asked, What could you have for me? Sahar handed Connor the package and asked him to provide Chris the package as well as to describe its contents.

Connor was most pleased to do so and then with a quick exchange of pleasantries Connor and Sahar left Chris to enjoy his warm drink and strudel in peace.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

December 31, 2017 09:11 am. –  Sahar and our son Connor were driving along Georgia Street, heading towards Howe Street when Sahar noticed a male packing up his belongings. That indicated to Sahar that he had stayed and slept in that exact spot throughout the night, so Sahar pointed him out to Connor. Fortunately Sahar was able to find parking nearby and assured Connor that they had enough time to make a quick stop and provide a winter package and a blanket. Connor was surprised that Sahar had this with her. Sahar wanted Connor to see what we do for Sahar stepped towards the male and asked if he had a minute. The male, who was very friendly and polite smile and replied, yes. Sahar described to the male named “Willie” what was enclosed in the winter package. Sahar advised Willie that they had a blanket for him then asked Connor to provide him a blanket.

Willie was more than happy to have his picture taken for our cause and grateful for the winter package. ❤️Sahar & Randy.

“Connor, Willie & Sahar”

December 9, 2017 6:03 pm –  While Sahar was running errands this evening she saw two young men (18 – 22 years of age) pushing their shopping cart full of their belongings along Brooksbank Avenue in North Vancouver. Sahar quickly stop and call out to them. The walked over to Sahar and she asked if she could provide them with a winter package. Mark was the oldest of the two and very street wise. Lee was not dressed for the winter wear. He wore runners and a light jacket and had a bandana on his head and nothing on his hands. Mark however was dressed for the winter weather. Mark and Lee were just as excited to receive our winter packages. Both were smokers and hid their cigarettes behind their backs so as the smoke would not offend Sahar. Sahar asked if they needed a blanket. Sahar said the look on Mark face as he said, Yes, please and tossed away his cigarette was very heartwarming. Lee said, “I’ld love one, but I don’t have a place to put it”. Mark answered, “Don’t worry I’ll carry it for you”. Mark accepted a blanket for Lee and placed it in their shopping cart. Mark and Lee considered the photo opportunity for our website and politely asked if it was okay to decline. Sahar assured them that was and with that Sahar extended her her hand in thanks. Both Mark and Lee wiped their hands on their clothes before they shook Sahar’s hand in gratitude. Although they are young and homeless they were gentlemen and considerate.

Sahar hopes that Mark & Lee eventually find their way. I couldn’t agree more and feel for these two young lads.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

December 7, 2017 4:30 pm – It was biting cold outside and Sahar spotted this gentleman in his 50’s walking along Chesterfield Avenue near 19th Street. Sahar turned around and managed to spot him again closer to Lonsdale Avenue. He had no gloves to wear, his pants were torn and he wore a bandana to keep his head warm. Sahar approached him and explained that she had something for him. He just stared at Sahar for minute and then said, “Ma’am, would I offend you if I say I don’t want it?” Sahar saw that his nose was dripping and replied, “Are you sure?” He told Sahar, “I like to work with my hands and I prefer them with no gloves. But thank you! I hope I haven’t been rude?” Sahar said that he hadn’t and asked if he knew anyone that needed a package? He replied, “No” and departed. Sahar drove off and waved goodbye to him. In reply, he bowed, and twirled his bandana to her.

Although Sahar was unable get his name, we hope he knows that there are many people trying to help and it’s an option for him.

Sahar and I wish his hands are always warm, so he may continue to work with them.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

December 5, 2017 4:36 pm –


Shortly after Sahar spoke to Merrill and Lane she spotted Lee crossing the street. So Sahar followed him to the mall and stopped to chat with him. Sahar describes Lee as being very polite. Lee mentioned that the homeless here on the North Shore have it better than some other places he knows. Sahar asked Lee if he could direct her as to where there were more less fortunate people. Lee mentioned going over the bridge and heading towards Vancouver along Hastings or Powell Street. They really need it (the packages) there.

Initially Lee was shy and did not want his picture taken. Lee stated that he does not have access to the internet. Sahar respected Lee’s decision and thanked him. For whatever reason Lee changed his mind and thanked Sahar.

We wish you safe travels.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

December 5, 2017 4:30 pm. –  Merril & Lane.

“Merril, Lane and Sahar”

“Merril & Lane”










Today Sahar left work specifically looking for anyone in need of a winter package. Although the sun was shining the beautiful mountains were frosted with snow. Sahar ran into Merrill and Lane. You may remember Lane from our December 9, 2016 entry. Lane was wearing gloves but Merrill didn’t have any to wear. So when Sahar presented him with a package and explained what was inside, Merrill was quite excited about the hand warmers as his bare hands were tightly clenched the entire time.

Stay warm my brothers!
💕Sahar & Randy.


November 23, 2017 9:10 pm. I saw Tom walking across the parking lot at Main St and Lynn Avenue. He had cane he fashioned from the line of a tree. He walked very slowly and had a noticeable limp. His faced was weathered, cracked and dry. His hair was unkept and long as was his beard. His hands were swollen, dirty and leathery. He wore a jacket and layers underneath with green camo pants and something that barely resembled boots. I stopped to say hello and Tom wasn’t in the mood to chat with the police. It was cold and wet and the rain had subsided long enough for Tom to make his move and walk to wherever it was that he was going. I advised Tom that I had something to keep him warm. He said you have a house in there? We both laughed. I produced a winter package and asked Tom if he could use a new Toque, Gloves, Socks and a rain poncho. Tom said it’s cold and I could really use gloves. Tom accepted the package and smiled. He shared a number of stories with me about the Downtown East Side and Shelter living. He finds it easier living on the streets where people leave him alone and don’t steal his things.

Tom declined having his picture taken but permitted me to mention him on our website. I’m respecting his wishes.

We hope you’re a little warmer tonight.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

“Beth & Dave”

November 22, 2017 8:44 pm.    – After an extremely long day at work for Sahar and myself we managed to drag ourselves home. Sahar said she wanted to treat me for dinner but I’m certain it was because she forgot to buy milk.

And are we glad she did forget the milk because Sahar spotted Beth and Dave huddled into a small corner of the building near Marine Drive and Hanes Avenue. Dave was impressed that everything was new but the look of surprise and joy on Beth’s face when Sahar said this package is made specifically for woman….well, the picture says it all.

❤️We hope you have a warm night.
Sahar & Randy

November 21, 2017 7:40 am. – 


Today was one of those days that you really wanted to stay at home. Possibly snuggled up to the cozy warmth of a fire place and ease yourself into the morning. Although the thought and idea is an option for us, but it isn’t for many others like “Rick”.

Sahar met Rick on her way into work. His jacket was dripping wet and he was soaked head to toe. Sahar couldn’t get out of her car fast enough to grab a winter package and get his attention. Rick was apprehensive when Sahar said I have something for you! Rick said, “What could you possibly have for me?”

Sahar explained that she had a package for him that contained a toque, socks, gloves, poncho… but as soon as Rick heard the words “poncho”,IMG_9992
he ripped open the package put everything on, right there. Sahar said Rick was in absolute disbelief and exclaimed, “Everything’s new?!”

Sahar replied, “of course it is.” Sahar offered Rick more hand warmers but Rick declined as he said the gloves were new and dry.
We hope that you find your way to shelter and additional warmth.   ❤️Sahar & Randy.


November 18, 2017 7:15 pm. – In the parking lot of 200th Street & 64th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. Cst. Selby found Aaron & Jesse.

Cst. Selby & Aaron

Aaron, pictured here with Cst. Selby has been living on the streets on and off for about 2 years. He is addicted to heroin and is currently on the methadone program. His prosthetic leg doesn’t slow him down while he tries to get his life back on track. His inspiration is his 3 daughters.  Jesse has survived on the streets since February of 2016. Jesse, a single father of a 14 year old son, ended up in foster care when Jesse awoke in the hospital from organ failure. His son was placed in a foster home as Jesse was unable to care for him.

Both Aaron and Jesse received a winter package from Cst. Selby and was surprised that she was a police officer, “You seem so nice”.
❤️Great work Cst. Selby!

“Dan Whitely”

November 17, 2017 6:06 am. 
Earlier this year in I ran into Dan Whitely (see January 8, 2017 04:34 am.)  and he asked me if I had a blanket. I did not but presented him with a winter package and made him a promise that I would bring one to him once we received them. I mentioned this to Sahar and we had purchased a limited amount of wool blend blankets. Sahar & I had talked about Dan Whitely on many occasions as she had met him as well (see April 14, 2017 11:04 pm.) I placed one blanket in my patrol car and one in my personal car in hopes that I see him again. It’s bothered me for sometime as I promised I would provide him one but was unable to locate him anywhere.

This morning Sahar & I were headed into Vancouver, B.C. I had just finished a graveyard shift and slept about 2 hours so we stopped at the Tim Hortons on Marine Drive. As we walked to the front door Sahar said, Thats Dan! He was seated right by the window. I peered inside and could not believe it was Dan Whitely. I immediately ran back to my car and grabbed the blanket that I had been carrying since February, We entered “Timmies” and I said cheerfully, Hi Dan! He turned and looked at me and I said, “do you remember me.” The look on his face told me he didn’t and rightfully so as I wasn’t in uniform. He looked over at Sahar and a big smile spread across his face. Dan quickly pointed at Sahar and loudly exclaimed, “I remember you!”. This was the same Tim Hortons where Sahar and Dan ran into each other back in April 14. Sahar advised Dan that we were going to grab a coffee and offered Dan the same and anything he wished to eat as well. Dan was very gracious in his acceptance and said, I’ll have a large coffee please. He was still smiling and curiously looking over his blanket that was folded neatly and placed inside a large ziplock bag. Sahar asked him to come with us to the counter to order whatever he wished. Dan was extremely conversant and he told us that he had been clean for 14 hard days and that he was trying to get his life together and find work. Dan ordered a chocolate chip muffin to go along with his coffee. We socialized with Dan for some time before we had to leave for or appointment.

You could see it in Dan’s face and hear it in his voice. He was engaged, conversant and happy.

The smile on his face was priceless.
❤️Sahar & Randy.


November 14, 2017 8:24 pm. – Police officer typically are known to have their coffee breaks at Tim Hortons or commonly known to them as “Timmies”. This cold, wet and rainy evening we were having our coffee while standing outside by our cars. Cst. Padilla-Thornton noticed Dave standing under the overhang of a nearby building and brought him to our attention. Thankfully we had one of the packages in our patrol car. Cst. Selby was gracious enough to speak with Dave and present him a package. Dave thanked us for what we do and keeping people safe. He said not everyone is concerned about people like him.

Dave is local to North Vancouver and said, “this is my area. I don’t wander beyond Main Street / Mountain Highway/Brooksbank and Keith Road. Dave was very appreciative that we stopped by to see if he was okay.

We hope that you will be safe and warm. We will stop by tonite and check on you during our patrols.

❤️Cst. Padilla-Thornton, Cst. Selby, Sahar & Randy.


November 12, 2017 12:52 pm. – Sahar and I were running around looking to purchase ponchos for our winter packages. We hit every Dollar Store in Vancouver and Burnaby and not a poncho to be purchased. Our final stop was on Commercial Drive. This is where we met Mike and his dog, (hiding beneath the sleeping blanket). When Sahar presented Mike with a winter package he was quite surprised that everything was new. Each time Sahar said, “new”… Mike replied, “Really? That’s awesome”!

In order to bring greater awareness to the homeless and our efforts, I asked Mike if he was okay with me taking his picture for our website. Mike was totally cool in having his picture posted.

Stay safe Mike!
❤️Sahar & Randy.

April 14, 2017 11:04 pm.

Sahar and Dan Whitely at the Tim Hortons on Marine Drive.

Sahar ran into Dan Whitely at the Tim Hortons on Marine Drive and offered him a winter package. Dan advised Sahar that he had already received a winter package from a Police Officer but due to his lifestyle he was uncertain if he lost the package or it was stolen from him. Sahar bought Dan a coffee and as the chatted Sahar asked Dan if he could take a photo. Dan mentioned that a Cpl. Wong had taken a photo of him for a website. Sahar smiled and advised Dan that I was her husband. Dan smiled and said, “You should have children because you would make a very good looking next generation”. Dan thanked Sahar for what we do and was grateful for receiving another winter package.

Sahar advised Dan that our packages are available at the North Vancouver RCMP Detachment towards the end of October and through the winter months. Sahar mentioned to Dan that he or any of the other homeless are more than welcome to attend the RCMP detachment and any staff member will provide them a winter package.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

March 7, 2017 04:35am – On our way back from the airport Sahar spotted the unmistakable blankets of two homeless persons on Georgia Street. We had 3 winter packages in our car and we felt they would appreciate the extra warmth.

Georgia Street Vancouver, B.C.


March 7, 2017 04:42 am – Sahar had spotted this person on Georgia Street on the way to the airport. We wanted to make sure to stop and give him a winter package on our return. We had just handed out two packages and were fortunate enough to have one package left.

Georgia Street Vancouver, B.C.


We hope this helps you stay warm tonight.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

February 11, 2017 – Sahar and I were driving back to North Vancouver. It was a wet and cold night as we approached the highway on ramp at 1st Avenue in Vancouver. An elderly gentleman was standing under the bridge panhandling. I rolled down the window and said to the gentleman, “I have something for you”. I handed him a package and although he wasn’t the friendliest person he was appreciative for the extra clothing items.


Safe travels my friend.
❤️Sahar & Randy.


January 8, 2017 04:34 am. – While finishing up my patrol and heading back to the office, I saw Dan  walking in the opposite direction along Marine Drive pushing a shopping cart with all his belongings. His reaction to me (police) was much the same as Tyler. I approached Dan and asked him if he had enough clothing on and if he was warm enough. Dan said, “I really need a blanket. Do you have one?” I said to Dan, “Unfortunately I don’t but I do have some gloves, toque, socks and a poncho. I presented a package to Dan. He smiled and couldn’t wait to wear the toque. He thanked me and said, “I wish people were more like you. They look at you in disgust but they don’t know me.” Dan added, “Thank you for taking the time and caring.” I said, “I’m just here to help. I just wanted to make sure you were warm tonite.” Dan gets his medication here in North Vancouver. He says he stays here and there but has no home to speak of.

Dan wearing the toque and gloves.

I said to Dan, “I hope to have some blankets soon and I’ll make sure you get one.

“Tyler John”

January 7, 2017 9:31 pm. – I met Tyler last night while on patrol by Lynn Avenue. He lives in an abandoned vehicle and understandably did not want to disclose the location to me. When I pulled up and exited my patrol car he was quite upset and defensive about my presence. He was expecting a confrontation. I asked him, “Do you have a place to stay?” He replied, “What do you care!” I told him that I had something for him and his behaviour changed immediately. He was eager to see what I had brought for him. I presented one of our packages it to him. I said we had new gloves, toque, socks and….”SOCKS!” he interrupted! Tyler was unable to open the package fast enough. He removed the socks and held them to his chest. “I haven’t worn socks in years!” Tears were visible in his eyes. Tyler thanked and blessed me. “It’s really cold” he said. “My feet are so dirty. It doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t get them clean!” Tyler calls his feet, “street feet”.

Tyler wearing the Toque, gloves and poncho.

Tyler wanted to eat his meal before he put the socks on. “My feet are so dirty. I didn’t want to ruin my food after touching my feet.”

Safe travels my friend.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

December 9, 2016 1:49 pm.

“Lane Johnson”

I saw Lane Johnson standing at the bottle depot. He is well known to many of the officers. He was recently displaced from his residence and found himself living with anyone who would take him in. He was pacing and trying to stay warm. Lane stood by his shopping cart waiting for someone to drop off bottles or spare him some change. Lane was quite appreciative for the extra items.

November 18, 2016 2:58 pm.

“Big Al”

Many officers new Al in his younger years. He was truly someone you looked up to (look at the size of his hands). The years have taken it’s toll and he has difficulty standing. He has a bright and contagious smile but don’t let that fool you. Now confined to a wheel chair he was living in a trailer in someone’s back yard. Normally you can find him at the bottle depot on Brooksbank Avenue. His hard life has has caught up to him.

Sahar and I wish you better health, warmth in the days ahead and comfort.


(Their stories & photos were provided and published with their consent).

❤️Sahar & Randy.