In recognition of those individuals and organizations who have made possible.

“We are truly blessed to have your continued support but more importantly your continued faith and trust in us.”
❤️Sahar & Randy.

  • ❤️Special thanks to “Green”Darla for assisting us in moving closer to realizing as a registered non-profit. We are truly grateful and forever indebted to you.
  • Our special thanks to Matt Toth for making our dream of having a website, a reality. Thank you!

• Azar B. & Hassan M. • Terry M. • Tom H. • North Vancouver RCMP • Shane & Vania P-T • Joanna S • Chris H. • Jenniffer S. • Zainoor H. • Susan S. • Peri M. • Global Relay • Duff & Gen R • Paul G. • Nels D. •  Carlos R. • North Vancouver Lookout Shelter. • Owen H. • James E. • LynnValleyLife • Peggy T-J. • ST. Clement’s Anglican ChurchCity of North Vancouver Fire Department.District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services • HealthConnection Clinic • Judith & Dave J. • Barb & Bob M. • Single Mom • Sayed & Ray • Bow L. • Corey A. • Elham & Siavash G. • Nasser F.

July 14th, 2019.

Thank you Fire Chief Jeremy Duncan of the District of North Vancouver Fire Department, for putting us in contact with Cory Parker.

Sahar and I met with Cory Parker, President  Richmond Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 1286) today in Vancouver. Cory was interested to learn more about the kits we provide to the homeless and how our program works. Cory suggested that this service was something they could provide to Richmond or co-sponsor.

We discussed supplying Richmond Fire department with winter packages as we have the stock and many pre-made packages. Fortunately for us Cory’s girlfriend, Josee, is a knitwear designer. Cory explained that Josee is attending an annual knitting trade show later this year in Sept called “Knit City”. Cory hopes that Josee can provide us more exposure and gather those that knit to contribute to the stock of toques.

Sahar and I are really excited to assist Cory, the Richmond Fire Dept and those who are less fortunate with Winter packages this fall/winter.

Please checkout Josee’s designs on Instagram @unadiknit.

❤️❤️ to Cory and Josee for their assistance and helping spread the love and awareness to our homeless,

❤️❤️ Sahar & Randy


Our first Instagram donation came from Mr. B. Liu. We thank you for your trust in us and again for your generous donation.

screen shot 2019-01-26 at 8.40.41 pm

Our sincerest gratitude to you and your friends for lending us a hand.

❤️❤️ Sahar & Randy

2019 WTH Happy New Year

💕 Sahar & Randy


To all those who have donated to warming the homeless,
Sahar & I wish you and your families a warm & safe Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday December 21, 2018  – Today I met with our biggest benefactor Tom H. He had contacted us on Dec. 13 and asked us what we needed. Such a welcome surprise since we are now supplying more packages to the shelters than before.

donated by Tom H.

As the the fall began many of the stores brought in their winter stock. Sahar and I wasted no time in stocking up on the ponchos as we were concerned that the price may rise next year.  Thanks to Tom, we now have 100 toques and socks to complete the “winter” packages. Sahar and I will ensure that the packages are ready to go so that we can maintain a continuous supply to our partner agencies for this season and hand out as many as possible.

Our special thanks to Tom for his continuous support, faith & trust in warmingthehomeless.

Merry Christmas to Tom & Family.
💕Sahar & Randy

December 13, 2018 –  Some of the greatest things come in small packages. Sahar was greeted by one of her fellow employees with all these boxes of Candy Canes which he wanted to donate. He knows how much this cause means to Sahar and he wanted to do help. We were surprised to learn how many of the displaced love candy canes.


Donated by Colin M.

Thank you for thinking of us with your donation and ultimately placing a smile on the faces of those less fortunate.

❤️ Sahar & Randy

Thursday November 13, 2018 – HealthConnections Clinic 148 15th Street E.

Today Sahar & I dropped off a large box of Male and Female “Winter” packages to the HealthConnection Clinic.

They do an amazing job helping the displaced. The clinic provides health care services to vulnerable individuals who have medical, mental health and/or socio-economic challenges and no regular access to a family physician.

The clinic includes a family physician, a nurse practitioner, a chronic disease nurse coordinator and a medical office assistant.


We thank you for your service and commitment to the community and especially the care and attention all of you provide to those less fortunate.

❤️❤️ Sahar & Randy

Saturday October 6, 2018 – District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Station No. 1

Sahar & I wish to thank the Fire & Rescue crew at DNV Station No. 1 for taking the time to spread the warmth by helping us hand out winter packages. Thank you for your continued support and assistance in growing this initiative.

District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Station No. 1

❤️ Thank you for your service!

Thursday October 4, 2018 – Throughout the Year!

We are truly blessed to have friends that support us at But one friend Paul G. personally donates all year long!

❤️ Thank you Paul G. for the endless support and trust in us!

Friday September 28, 2018 – Warming our hearts

Judith J. we love you! Your continued support of this cause inspires us to grow to greater heights and exposure.

❤️ Thank you Judith & David J.

Thursday September 27, 2018 – Candidate for City Council Anna Boltenko.

We were contacted by Anna Boltenko, a candidate running for North Vancouver City Council. Anna wanted to met with us to discuss the rising number of homeless people in the city and how she could help.

We met for a coffee and had a great discussion with this wonderful woman.

Anna Boltenko

We wish her all the best of luck and look forward to future coffee meetings.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

Tuesday September 25, 2018 – North Shore Lookout Shelter.

Every year the North Shore Lookout Shelter staff work tirelessly to assist the homeless with their needs. Today Sahar & I helped the shelter with a small portion and dropped off 20 men’s and 10 women’s winter packages.
We were greeted by Outreach Coordinator Owen Hynes, Lookout staffer Jorge Morano and Program Manager, Paul Hanson.

Sahar and I pleased to work with the staff at the shelter who in all honesty, do the lion’s share of the work, each and everyday.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

Thursday September 20, 2018 – A Special Shout Out!

Jen & Duff R. A Special shout out to the both of you for your continued support and more importantly your trust in We cannot thank you enough for your generous personal donation.

It truly touched our hearts!
❤️Sahar & Randy.

Monday August 27, 2018 – Tis the season.

I was paged to the front counter of the North Vancouver RCMP Detachment. There I met an eloquent woman Judith J. In her hands was a bag that she brought for warmingthehomeless. She personally knitted two scarfs and filled the bag with ponchos, socks, underwear and small Shampoo/Conditioner. Judith was accompanied by her husband David J, and broke the news to him that she donated all his hotel shampoo/conditioners. She laughed and he smiled that approving husband smile.

Judith & David J.

I asked Judith, how did she hear about warmingthehomeless. She said see saw the article in the North Shore News.

I arrived home after shift with donation in hand. Sahar was so surprised and couldn’t wait to peek inside the bag.

Last year (Friday December 29, 2017) Judith & David donated toques, socks & gloves.

We are so grateful for the time and effort that Judith & David J. took to gather up this donation & deliver it to us.

Your continued support, love and compassion shows in your eyes and in your actions.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

Friday August 10, 2018 –  Every bit helps.

Sahar and I wish to personally recognize Paul G. for his continued support and donations throughout the summer. Every bit helps to build a winter package and each of those packages will reach those who need it the most.

Paul G., we are deeply grateful for your continued support of our cause to help warm the homeless.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

March 10, 2018 – Instagram first!

We were contacted by Bow L. and he asked how to send a donation by cheque. We advised him to send it the local RCMP detachment attention Cpl. Randall Wong at 147 East 14th Street North Vancouver, B.C. Days later I received a generous donation from this local resident. You may ask why this particular donation holds so much significance to us?

Bow L. is our first “Instagram” donor. Thank you Bow L. for considering and trusting

❤️Sahar & Randy.
Check us out on Instagram

March 10, 2018 – Not all donations come in a material form.

Sahar and I owe our good friend Corey A. so much for introducing us and setting up, on Instagram. While many have the time and knowledge, we are a typical family with a couple with kids and have to make the time to get simple things done. We thank Corey A. for helping us gain additional exposure to what we believe is a great cause.

Corey A., we are truly indebted to you my friend.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

Sunday February 4, 2018 – Exciting new start.

In January we received an e-mail from Mr Sayed Najibi advising he came across our efforts in the North Shore News and wished to make a contribution. Mr. Najibi was moving to North Vancouver in a couple of weeks and would arrange to drop of his donation at the local RCMP detachment. We met Mr. Najibi and his business associate and friend Ray and spent 2 hours chatting with them about absolutely everything.

Sahar and I would like to welcome Mr. Najibi and Ray to North Vancouver and thank them for their kind and generous donation.

Mr. Najibi, Sahar, Randy, Ray.


WELCOME to our new friends and hoping their new start in North Vancouver is healthy, happy and prosperous.

We are truly blessed to have met you and thank you for choosing and trusting us.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

Thursday January 25, 2018 – Warming our Hearts.

This really turned Sahar’s day around  as well as mine. I can’t really explain how this made us feel and how appreciative we are to this single mother.

This was waiting for me at the office.

Single mother - Warming the homeless letter - FRONT

Single mother - Warming the homeless letter - BACK

Your card and donation has truly motivated us more than you can imagine and we thank you for your trust & warming our hearts!

Bless you & your family.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

Sunday December 31, 2017 – New Year’s Eve.… I came to work already tired and facing a 12 hour graveyard shift that ends at 5 am. I knew the night would be filled with party goers and revellers soon to be ringing in the new year. I was expecting a night full of  calls for service but I wasn’t expecting this.

When I walked into my office I was absolutely shocked at the two bins full of pre-bagged winter packages as well as extra blankets, gloves, toques and socks. I had to call Sahar and tell her. I sent her a photo as well because I really could not describe it all.

Our special thanks to Barb and Bob M. for your donation and the time and effort you put into gathering all these items and packaging them as well.

Thank you for warming the hands and hearts of the homeless.

Sahar & Randy.


Friday December 29, 2017 – Blessed are we.fullsizeoutput_4446.jpeg

Great article in the North Shore News by Jeremy Shepard. (December 23, 2017). So well written that Judith J. contacted us after reading the article and made this donation. With temperatures dropping so quickly, their donation was surely a warm welcome.

Your donation has already been divided into packages and are the way to many of the less fortunate braving the bitterly cold weather.

Our gratitude to Judith & David J. for thinking and trusting in us, at warming the homeless, with their donation.

Sahar & Randy.

Tuesday December 26, 2017.

Cpl. Randall Wong, Rickie, Jorge & Cst. Joanna Selby.


With the temperatures rapidly dropping and lower temperatures forecasted  on the horizon we had reached out to James Ebenal (Out Reach Worker) of the North Shore “Lookout Shelter” to see if they required more of our winter packages. James, said they really appreciated our assistance last year and were definitely in need of more.

Cst. Joanna Selby assisted in delivering 12 women and 12 mens packages. Rickie & Jorge were more than happy to receive the packages on behalf of the North Shore Lookout Shelter.

Monday December 25, 2017.

Sahar and I received a spacial Christmas gift this morning from North Vancouver local resident, Nasser F. After reading the North Shore News article on Warmingthehomeless Nasser wanted  help so he collected $200.00 for donation to our cause.

Thank you Nasser for making this holiday season much warmer for many of the homeless.

❤️Sahar & Randy.

Monday December 4, 2017.fullsizeoutput_43ac

Sometimes it great friends and family that really lend you hand, but Carlo R., a coworker of Sahar, has done more than we could have asked.

Initially Carlos asked if he could take one of the winter package for someone he knew might need it. He asked Sahar if he could help in someway. Sahar and Carlos talked about the items we purchase for the winter packages and he liked what he saw. Carlos asked Sahar if it would be okay if he purchased blankets to donate? Sahar was delighted to have such a kind and thoughtful coworker.

Carlos R., your donation will definitely reach the homeless this winter.

Our sincerest thanks for you support and kindness.
❤️Sahar & Randy

Friday December 1, 2017.
IMG_0101Sahar and I would like to thank Assistant Fire Chief Jason De Roy and the City Firefighters of North Vancouver for their assistance and support in our program. With their assistance many of the unattached residents living in and braving the winter weather will receive our package.

We are indebted to Assistant Fire Chief De Roy and his team of firefighters for the courage and dedication they display everyday but more so for the compassion they have in making a difference to those less fortunate.

Bless all of you,
❤️Sahar & Randy

Wednesday November 29, 2017.

It’s an unbelievable surprise when someone you respect and admire believes in your efforts and donates on behalf of their company, Global Relay. .. but they also donated personally as well. We can’t like you any more than we do so…Duff & Gen R., “We love you!”
Global Relay logo40 unattached residents will receive extra warmth this winter season due to your gracious donation.

Our heartfelt thanks for trusting in us and believing in what we are trying to accomplish for the homeless.

Forever grateful,
❤️Sahar & Randy

Saturday November 25, 2017.

Coffee Cards

How can you really tell if your friends like you or love you? Our friends known as “the Crew” obviously love us because they showed their support by providing us all their coffee cards.

“Kam & Gen”, “Alfie & Sarah, we love you.
Your coffee cards will provide 20 homeless individuals a nice warm beverage this winter.

We thank you for believing in us and supporting our efforts.

Love, forever & always
❤️Sahar & Randy



Friday November 24, 2017.
Today Sahar and I met with Tom H. at the North Vancouver RCMP detachment in order IMG_0002to receive his personal donation to warmingthehomeless. This was the first time Sahar had met Tom. I met him last year after he read an article in the North Shore News (Dec. 9 2016). Tom donated a significant amount of money and items that we really needed. This year was no different. Tom had reached our to me (as I had forgotten to get his number) and asked if we were still continuing our efforts (see Wednesday November 8, 2017).

Tom asked us, What do you need, exactly and he purchased exactly what we needed for warming the homeless.

Thanks to our local Lynn Valley resident and hero, his personal donation will assist in warming 200 homeless throughout the North Shore, Vancouver & New Westminster.

How can we ever thank you?
❤️Sahar & Randy.

Thursday November 16, 2017.

Danny Falso, Captain Danny Nikas, Assistant Chief Jim Bonneville, Gil Hicks, Cpl. Randy Wong, Acting Fire Chief Wayne Kennedy, Assistant Chief Walt Warner.

Our special thanks to the District of North Vancouver Fire Department for their continued assistance in reaching out the the less fortunate individuals who find themselves on the surviving the streets.

Our packages are distributed by the DNV Fire Fighters in the North Shore as well as Vancouver’s infamous “Downtown East Side”.

Our thanks for all that you do for this community and others and we look forward to working with our community partner in warming the homeless.
❤️Sahar & Randy.

November 13, 2017 – “A Missed Opportunity”

We received our first e-mail to I was delighted because we received an e-mail but an e-mail from Portland, Oregon? WOW!

Ms. Joan M. had viewed our website and offered us 55 shipping blankets and wished to know if we could pick them up. We thanked Joan for thinking of us and wanted to work out how we were going to pick them up. Unfortunately we were unable to accommodate retrieving these well needed blankets from Ms. Joan but the blankets were dropped off at her local Goodwill.

Ms. Joan M. of Portland, Oregon… we thank you for considering with your offer and spirit of giving and caring for those less fortunate.

❤️Sahar & Randy

Wednesday November 8, 2017.

Last year a local Lynn Valley resident contacted me after reading an article in the North Shore News about our homeless efforts. He, who prefers only to known as Tom H., personally warmed the feet, hands and head of 25 individuals through his generous donation. Sahar and I was so excited to accept his donation on behalf of that I completely forgot to ask for his permission to include his name on our website.

Well today, Tom contacted us to inquire if we were continuing our efforts in warming the homeless? We replied with an astounding, “of course”! We were delighted to hear from Tom H. because he is the type of person that wanted to fulfill our needs that will reach our objectives of providing winter packages to the homeless. Well, that is exactly what Tom did again this year without hesitation.

We owe our sincerest gratitude for Tom H’s donation but more importantly the personal time and effort he afforded to warm many of the homeless, this wet and cold winter.

I really love’s Tom’s reply and statement about the homeless when I requested to have a photograph with him for our website. He simply replied, I’d be ok if you mentioned  that a local Lynn Valley person Tom, or Tom H – made a contribution to help out.   And Tom H continued with,

“Most of us are so fortunate here on the North Shore, but some of us have just fallen through the cracks – we need to help them out! No one is cold and hungry and scared by choice.”

Bless you & thank you, Tom H.
Our sincerest gratitude,
❤️Sahar & Randy.

Sunday November 5, 2017.

Today, we received the most gracious donation today from the Padilla-Thornton family. Their generous donation has truly touched our hearts and will indeed assist us in providing a record number of winter packages to the homeless throughout the North Shore as well as in other communities.

Thank you for your trust and support.
❤️Sahar & Randy

Wednesday October 11, 2017.


Today I met with Julie, Laura & Megan of HealthConnection Clinic located at 148 15th Street East and learned about their “Stepping Stones Outreach Program”. Their team provides primary care to unattached residence in the North Shore with unique complex needs who face complex medical, mental health and addictions, and/or socio-economic needs (like housing, income, and access to food). They are passionate and dedicated to this program. Julie is interested in providing our “Winter” packages to their clients who are in need of our items. So tomorrow we will begin providing both men’s and women’s packages to HealthConnection Clinic.

We look forward to working with Julie, Laura, Megan and all the staff at HealthConnection Clinic.

❤️Sahar & Randy

Tuesday September 26, 2017.

Global Relay logo

We wish to extend a special “Thank You” to Duff Reid of Global Relay for your continued support & kick starting our 2017/2018 fund raising efforts.

❤️Sahar & Randy

Thursday May 25, 2017.

City of North Vancouver Fire Department Assistant Chief Jason De Roy and the firefighters of Station No. 1, we’re gracious enough to pose with my son Connor and I, and display the “Winter packages that they have successfully placed into the hands of the homeless.

It was a proud day for myself to have my son Connor, involved with supplying extra “Winter” packages to Assistant Fire Chief, Jason De Roy and his team of firefighters at Station No. 1. We cannot thank them enough for the job they do as well as placing these packages into the hands of those who need them the most.

❤️Sahar & Randy

Thursday February 23, 2017.

District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services. Fire Chief Victor Penman and Deputy Fire Chief Brian Hutchinson and the firefighters of Fire Hall #1 (Lynn Valley) graciously hold the “winter” packages in support of the homeless.

Today I was invited to Lynn Valley where I met Fire Chief Victor Penman, Deputy Fire Chief Brian Hutchinson and a few of the firefighters of Fire Hall #1. I was welcomed with open arms and a significant show of support. I provided a brief background of our Mission statement and how this initiative began.  Chief Penman and Deputy Chief Hutchinson applauded our efforts and advised me that they will place one package in every DNVFRS fire apparatus and the remainder will be used to replenish what they provide to the homeless.

Our gratitude and personal thanks to Fire Chief Penman, Deputy Chief Hutchinson & all the District firefighters for assisting our cause by providing some comfort for the less fortunate during this time of year.
❤️Sahar & Randy

Wednesday January 11, 2017.

City of North Vancouver Fire Chief Dan Pistilli, Randy Wong and Deputy Fire Chief Bob Schreiner.

This morning I sent a message to the City of North Vancouver Dept. Fire Chief Dan Pistilli. I explained our objective and wondered if he would be interested in having some of our “Winter” packages on his fire engines. Chief Pistilli personally responded to me and welcomed the idea.

I meet with Fire Chief Dan Pistilli and Deputy Fire Chief Bob Schreiner and brought a number of “Winter” packages. Our warming the homeless initiative was met with open arms and with the blessing of Chief Pistillia and Deputy Chief Shreiner, one package will be placed on each of the 3 North Vancouver Front Line Fire Trucks. The remaining packages will remain at the hall to replenish what they distribute. This is a great step in moving our initiative forward and getting these packages in the hands of those who need them the most.

Our thanks & gratitude to Chief Pistilli and Deputy Chief Bob Schreiner.
❤️Sahar & Randy

Thursday February 9th, 2017.

I attended the North Shore Lookout to provide more “winter” packages. I met with Bailey Mumford,  North Shore Manager. Bailey was very appreciative of our efforts and what we have accomplished so far.

Thank you for your continued support.
❤️Sahar & Randy

Tuesday January 10th, 2017.

This morning we supplied an additional 12 mens winter packages to the North Shore Lookout Shelter. Owen & James advised me that the other shelters were also in need of the winter packages. I expressed that our mandate at Warming the Homeless, is to get these into the hands of those who need them the most, regardless of where they live and if they felt it necessary to provide these packages to the other shelters, they definitely had our blessing.

❤️Sahar & Randy

Friday December 9th, 2016.

North Shore Lookout Shelter James Ebenal (Outreach worker), Sahar, Owens Hynes (Program Coordinator) and Randy Wong.

Sahar and I decided to stop by the North Shore Lookout Shelter (705 2nd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E6) because it had begun to snow. We gathered our winter packages (10 mens/5 women) and delivered them to the Shelter.

We met Program Coordinator, Owen Hynes and Outreach Worker, James Ebenal. They advised us, “We were literally talking about this 6 seconds ago! About finding some hand warmers.” “But this (winter packages) is excellent!” “You guys are a blessing! This came at a really good time!”

Thank you for everything you do and accomplish for the unattached residents on the North Shore.

❤️Sahar & Randy